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Guest Bartender Event Pictures

For Lori Xeller’s 30th Birthday, she held a party at Elixir Saloon in San Francisco. It was a charity guest bartending event on October 3rd, and all tips went to the Ashlyn Dyer Foundation. Here are some pictures

Presidio10 Pictures

For information and pictures from the Presidio10, go here

Manhattan Beach 10K Pictures

There was a "Ashlyn Dyer Fund" tent at the Manhattan Beach Hometown 10k on 10-7-06. Many people ran in the 10K in honor of Ashlyn wearing bright orange shirts.

Carlsbad 5000 Pictures

In April, 2006, Ken Dyer ran the Carlsbad 5000 race in honor of Ashlyn. Here are his comments:
"Although I could not round up too many runners to participate, I still wanted to run in memory of Ash. Ashlyn's friend shelly made the shirt that I was wearing and it was definitly an inspiration as I ran the event."

Big Sur Marathon Pictures

Last month, Erica Shane and Ryan Gates ran the Big Sur Marathon in honor of Ashlyn. Here is a picture.

Boston Marathon Pictures

Below are some pictures of the Boston Marathon Fundraiser on April 17, 2006. Nick Geller's house in Boston sits on the 21st mile of the race, Nick and his roomates had a big party in which they provided all the drink, food, etc and in return people gave donations to Ashlyn's foundation. Over $2,500 was raised.

LA Marathon Pictures

The day following the memorial service, many friends and family ran the LA Marathon in honor of Ashlyn as that was the race she was training for and running was her passion.

“Emerald Across the Bay 12K”

The “Emerald Across the Bay 12K” was held in San Francisco on March 19th. A number of women ran in honor of Ashlyn…and those that don’t run handed out ribbons and reward flyers. There was also a moment of silence for her before the race began.

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