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Dear Ashlyn: We have joined the A-Team. Your foundation helped our little school give my inner-city kids the summer "Jump Start" they need to succeed in school. Thank you for greatly improving their odds! It was a very valuable summer of educational basics and science and engineering and art (rather than a summer wasted in front of a TV). I will make sure your dad gets stories and pictures. Thank you for joining our team; my under-served kids can always use a beautiful angel.
Submitted by Ms. Judy, Principial, Midtown Primary School on 08.15.15

Hey Ash, Happy St Patty's day....The world misses you ;) xoxo
Submitted by Brian Wilhite on 03.17.15

Hi Ash, Thinking about you today, as I do everyday. You are always in my thoughts. Last year Joe and I found out we were pregnant! It was so exciting, even more so when they told us our due date was October 24th. I couldn't believe it, i left the office crying tears of joy for such a wonderful due date! Almost half way through the pregnancy we lost the baby and it was devastating... I was in a dark place and very sad. I actually came to this site one day and re-read the fascinating stories everyone had about you.. You have touched so many lives and continue to do so. In that moment I knew everything was going to be okay, thank you for the strength i needed. Well, we are pregnant again and due in early August! We will find out on St. Patty's Day if we are having a boy or a girl. Your mom, my mom and sisters are throwing me a shower and I couldn't be happier. Please look after our baby girl. Just like you, she will be forever in my heart.
Submitted by Courtney on 03.12.15

I just had this feeling about you today and came to the website. Strange that it is the day of the accident 9 years ago. You must be talking to me in some way. I just wanted to say I am thinking about you too.
Submitted by Kristin on 03.02.15

Miss you so much Ashlyn...my heart is heavy today..I can't believe it has been nine years.. Love you! Mom
Submitted by mom on 03.02.15

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Submitted by srmaftvlfu on 12.16.14

Happy Birthday Ash! I hope you're having a big crazy celebration up there in heaven, I'm sure you're wearing some fabulous outfit, dancing all crazy and drinking cocktails! Cheers to your wild birthday party up there, sprinkle some pixie dust on us :)
Submitted by Jamie on 10.24.14

I've come full circle back in the SB. Tonight dancing at Tulita and hangin' with the fam reminded me of all those Costa dances with the SNL Spartan Cheerleader routines. You have a beautiful family and mine is ever greatful to you for introducing me to it.
Submitted by Matty B, the Dancin' Machine on 10.18.14

Just writing a little history of Max's life for him with pictures and quotes for his 21st birthday (wow!) and of course a most adorable picture of him with Ash came along...so on it I included the best philosophy for a good life..."Good time, good people, perseverance and sacrifice!" Love you Ash, thanks for keeping a watch over Max everyday!!
Submitted by Rita on 10.18.14

There were yellow-orange leaves skipping down the road ahead of me as I was driving to the beach today. That always makes me think of you. Magdalena Ashlyn turned 2 today. This year she got a real cake and could not stop laughing when Emery hid his mouth inside of his cup. She's growing into quite the girl. She likes to sing and dance, tries to read like her brother & sister, loves cows, knows what she wants, and is full of joy. I hope that makes your parents smile. E
Submitted by et on 09.02.14

Hey Ash, I think of you often. your smile and laughter was always a joy to be around. It still is as I can still see it today. One of the many memories of you that will never escape my mind. miss and love you.
Submitted by Jodie on 03.12.14

Thinking of you Ash!
Submitted by Jamie on 01.09.14

Happy Birthday Ash! Thinking of you!
Submitted by Jamie on 10.24.13

Happy Birthday my beautiful girl! In honor of your 35th birthday I am doing 35 of your favorite things today..We miss you always and keep your memory alive every day. Keep up the great work and I know you must love watching Elliot playing volleyball. Love you and miss you so much...Mom
Submitted by Mom on 10.24.13

Hey Ash, Magdalena Ashlyn celebrated her first birthday last week. I made this brown rice flour cake with maple syrup cream cheese frosting. Everyone said how much betterit was than they thought it would be (tasted like cornbread, oddly), but it made me feel like an overprotective, batshit crazy, Marin mom. I'm good with that most of the time. She is a wonderful baby. For the longest time she just laughed when she got tired and every other baby on the planet would start crying. It was the coolest thing. That time has passed, but she's still fantastic. I say to her all the time "I'm so glad you've come." I think about you often. Love to you and the fam, E
Submitted by et (you know, eh) on 09.13.13

Those who knew you are better for it and will never forget you; those who didn'tmissed one of lives great joys.
Submitted by DM on 03.25.13

Never has there been a brighter light. Your reflection will be endless. Princesses and Tigers, always and forever.
Submitted by G on 03.12.13

Ash, I've been thinking about you all week.... We love and miss you!!! Xoxo
Submitted by Laurie hughes murphy on 03.11.13

Dear Ash, My heart is so heavy today and missing you so much. Keep up the good work! Love you, Mom
Submitted by mom on 03.02.13

Hey Ashlyn, I was actually just sitting here with Amy and I realized how much I enjoyed telling her stories about you. We are planning our wedding and I am thinking about how much you would love to hear about the details as well as make fun of me at the same time. Surprisingly I do have some style. I miss you and think about you daily. Can orange really work in a June wedding? Help your cousin out! Ken
Submitted by Ken on 12.02.12

Hey Ash....think about you all the time. You would be going crazy with all the estimates I have been getting lately. Everytime I call someone and say I want an estimate I have to laugh a little knowing you would be cracking up....I miss you, we all do. Your aquatic center is awesome...pretty amazing...so proud of your family and the foundation for making this happen. You would love it. love you ash
Submitted by susie on 11.15.12

Hey Ash! Happy Birthday!! I was thinking of you on Wednesday like usual! I heard the aquatic center named in your name and memory is amazing, I will go see it as soon as I cane. I am getting married in 8 days and you won't be there to dance with me, it won't be the same but I know you will be with me and joe - looking down over us! Please look out for our friend Blue he just joined you somewhere up there. He was kind, funny, generous and beat to his own drum. You will definitely be snorting once you find him. I miss you and love you so much!! Court
Submitted by Courtney soon to be Zook! on 10.26.12

Thinking of you today and toasting all that you continue to bring to each of those who love you. Happy Birthday, friend!
Submitted by Emilie on 10.24.12

Happy Birthday Ashlyn!!! Another year and you are always with me. We have great things happening down here because of you!!! Tonight we will toast you and honor you and tomorrow we have the pool dedication in your name. You have helped and will continue to help thousands of people and always inspire all of us. I love you and miss you terribly...always in my heart..love you, Mom
Submitted by mom on 10.24.12

Hey Ash, Wanted to let your family know that Magdalena Ashlyn Liliane Trussart joined the world on September 2nd. My hope for her is that she will move through life with the confidence to live happily within her own skin - something that I always admired in you. Thinking of you.
Submitted by EH on 09.20.12

Hey Ash - thinking of you even more than usual with our favorite holiday tomorrow! When people try to rope me into family-style 4th plans (non-drinking) I just want to show them the shirt with your quote - "I reserve the right to party on the 4th of July." Best 4th of July quote EVER! I miss you and will be working to channel your awesome, fun spirit tomorrow! Happy 4th! Love, Jamie
Submitted by Jamie Emmons on 07.03.12

Shine on amazing girl as you continue to do every day in our hearts. Thank you for being my friend... Love and miss you so much it hurts!
Submitted by linds on 03.12.12

Hello my Girl! I can't believe it has been six years today that we said our final goodbye to you and were able to help others by donating your organs. What you have done to help and inspire others is non stop and we will make sure to honor you every day and in every way. Today Dad and I will honor you and go by the Aquatic Center that is under construction and making great progress. I miss you and know that you are doing great things! Take care of all of us and of course you know we have a new baby Leoff boy on the way! Your spirit stilll inspires all of us. Love you and miss you like crazy. xxooMom
Submitted by Mom on 03.12.12

Hey sister, I'm thinking of you today...and every day. I miss you so much!!! Loving you forever. Besos, xoxo
Submitted by Emily Weston on 03.12.12

Thinking of you, Ashlyn, and the whole Dyer clan today. It seems like just yesterday - I cannot believe six years have passed. I can only imagine that it is no easier for you all. She lives on in all of our hearts. Love to you, Lindsey
Submitted by Lindsey Blenkhorn on 03.11.12

Found myself thinking of you while running through the woods last week and two songs later, Somewhere Over the Rainbow came on my iPod. It will always and forever make me think of you. I loved spending part of the afternoon together--thanks!!! I am headed out west to your city tomorrow and can't wait to be somewhere that holds a piece of your spirit and love. I think of you and your family so much and just still can't believe it sometimes. Love you, Cheez
Submitted by Bean on 03.10.12

Today marks the anniversary of the day that our family lost you. I think of you all the time, but today has a special significance. I miss you Ashlyn!
Submitted by Meg Dyer Dombro on 03.02.12

Hey Ash! I got engaged last Thursday!!! I am so flippin' excited! I wish Joe could have known you! You would of loved eachother!! His karate story would have made you fall off your chair in a bowl of laughter! Oh how I miss your laugh! We went to meet with Jodie's wedding photographer and there you were in your pink dress of the dance floor in Jodie's album!!! What a great night. Miss and love you. court
Submitted by Courtney on 03.02.12

miss you every day...look down and inspire our girl, please!!! love you!
Submitted by unknown on 02.27.12

Hey love...watch over your girl, ok? She is lost....and I know you are one that can help her!! xoxox
Submitted by your dear friend on 02.27.12

Hi Ash! Ran into Chris last night, it is crazy how seeing someone connected to you makes me smile and feel good. He told me he is getting married and i am sure he wishes you were going to be there! miss and love you- court
Submitted by Court on 02.04.12

Thanks for the beautiful sunset tonight, Ash! Miss you as always...
Submitted by Matt on 01.28.12

Hey Ash - came across the visor the other day and it made me think of you and your whole family. Miss you still! xoxo
Submitted by Tori on 12.01.11

Happy Birthday Ashlyn! Missing you so much, as always. I'm decked out in orange today in your honor. Love you! Ella xoxo
Submitted by Ella on 10.24.11

Happy Birthday Ash! I think of you often! Last night I took out my Halloween decorations and as I pulled the orange ribbon hanging off my hilarious "rapping witch" I had an Ashlyn moment and thought of the packed auditorium at your Costa service, the SC marching band and your vibrant self. I know you'll be teasing me in spirit when CU plays SC in a couple of weeks. Lot of love, Jamie
Submitted by Jamie on 10.24.11

Happy Birthday Ash! I miss you so much, but will toast you today with much love! Your are in my thoughts 24 hours. Love you and miss you! Mom
Submitted by Mom on 10.24.11

Missing you a lot tonight, Ash. I gazed at Ted in the sunset for the longest time this evening and when I looked away, my eyes fell on my Ashlyn roses. From one beautiful sight to another, missing one beautiful soul and then another, thinking how our lives have been all the golder for the two of you. I love you, Ash. Joanie
Submitted by joanie rahn collins on 07.25.11

I went to USC with Ashlyn. I am watching a documentary on the San Francisco Giants and saw the Ashlyn Dyer Memorial Conference Room and got chills. So happy to see her name, it brought her smiling face to my mind. Lots of love.
Submitted by Heather on 07.13.11

Every run, Ash, everyday...I miss you. So glad to have met you, you changed my life!
Submitted by Matt Baltay on 07.09.11

You were a part of a very big moment for me. Due to chronic pain from a not so fun disease, I had to stop playing sports altogether. I've been working hard on my health and I think it's in remission!! I peppered the other day for the first time in a long time and I heard you when I hit the ball. "Put that in your pipe and smoke it". LOL. I miss your smiling face, wit and humor! I think of you often!
Submitted by Amber on 06.16.11

Ash- my original orange ribbon from those days around your service pops up in the coolest places. Even though I've had lots of different orange reminders over the years; I've always just kept that one. It's been on my bulletin board, with me for good luck at races, up in my office, in a moving box, at Hunter's Runners, pinned to my son in Phoenix etc. Today I just found it again and pinned it on my bright baby blue running shoes.... makes me smile.... miss you and love all you dyers.
Submitted by Whit on 05.16.11

Ashlyn, I don't know you but your story has stuck with me all these years. I remember when I first heard about it on the news. Every time I am in the Presidio I think of you. Clearly you affected, and continue to affect, many people. I just wanted you to know that your memory is continued by those of us who didn't have the pleasure to know you personally.
Submitted by Nicole on 05.05.11

Hey Ash Haven't written in awhile. Can't believe it's been close to 5 years already. A stone bummer. But I'm sure you're putting a smile on your face wherever you are.
Submitted by SC on 03.18.11

Ash - thinking of you today!
Submitted by Jodie Thinnes on 03.11.11

Hey, as always, thinking about you ....you influence our day EACH day and your spirit lingers with us in so many ways!!! Last week, we spontaneously adopted a puppy!!!! She is the sweetest, most thankful little rescue ever!!! YOU helped to make my kids the kind, loving, accepting, philanthropic humans they are today!! Thanks, love....chat with you more tomorrow....xxoxoxoxoxo
Submitted by your bedford fam on 03.03.11

Thinking of you everyday, can't believe it has been five years... Jodie got Laurie a "Bachelorette goblet" for her girls trip in palm springs and we thought of you instantly. Miss you, love you!
Submitted by Court on 03.02.11

Hey Ash, I was telling someone last week about a Valentines' Day back when we were working furniture together - 6/7 years ago. You got this box at work from one of your sisters with cookies and a note and silly little things. It was sweet and it made you smile and it made me smile too. Growing up with a sister who hated me, it was about the strangest thing I had ever seen. This box made me rethink things small (it doesn't take so much effort to show someone you love them) and large (why shouldn't I make the effort to have a good relationship with my sister too?). Six (seven?) years later and I have a sister who is my sounding board, my partner in crime, and my friend. Thank you. Thanks to your sisters too!
Submitted by EH on 02.22.11

Hi My Girl! Happy Valentines Day, your favorite holiday! We are so happy that you really have "left your heart in San Francisco".. I miss you and love you...you continue to keep us going..xxxxxoooooMom
Submitted by Mom on 02.14.11

Hey Ash, Just thinking of you! Love, Jamie
Submitted by Jamie on 01.21.11

Thinking of you my beautiful friend this holiday season and always. Your spirit lives on in your memory every day. love you and miss you more than words can say.
Submitted by Lindsay on 12.23.10

Submitted by Marcie on 10.24.10

Happy Birthday Ash:-) Miss you tons. Hope you are dancing to love shack wherever you are... You are always in my heart. Miss you. Love you. Xoxo
Submitted by Courtney on 10.24.10

Happy Birthday Ash! I wonder where we would be today...with you in another great city or country or sitting around our dining room table. Here's to you Ashlyn, now and forever. Miss you and think about you all the time. Love you, Mom
Submitted by Mom on 10.24.10

Ashlyn, Your story is a little like mine. My daddy had a TBI about when i was Nine. I'm ten now. He was in the care during Easter and longer than that to. He was treated by Dr. Manly, same as you. Every time i look at him, I think of you. Why did he make it, but not you? Even though his injury makes him yell at me, even though it made us move to the Presidio, I still love him. And in my heart, you were the one who saved him.
Submitted by Mimi Lasher on 08.25.10

Hi Ash,

Thinking of you.  Hard to believe 4 years has passed, I still expect to see on the 4th or bump into you in the City.  You continue to inspire us all.  Miss you.
Submitted by Jamie on 03.31.10

I think of you all the time!

Submitted by Laurie on 03.12.10

Hey Ash! I think about you all the time.... I know it has been 4 years since you reached heaven, but for me it seems like yesterday. I sit at my work desk and I look at the funeral program from 4 years ago (it has been hanging at my desk since then) and I can't believe how time passes by so fast. I just wanted to say hello and let you know that I think about you ALL the time.... xoxoxoxo

Submitted by Jodie Thinnes on 03.12.10

Hi Ash - I cannot believe it has been four years....I run in the Presidio and feel your spirit there as strong as ever.  You continue to be an inspiration to me and so many others.  I am thinking of you today and feel at peace knowing that you are watching down on us.  We love and miss you.
Submitted by Lindsey on 03.12.10

Hey sister - I can believe it's already been 4 years. I miss you so very much. I think of you all the time.  I ran the most incredible adventure marathon this year and could feel your spirit with me every step of the way. Thank you for always being by my side. I love you, Tina. Big besos xoxoxoxoxo
Submitted by Emily Weston on 03.11.10

Hey Ash~ Just got back from SF and was thinking of you. What a beautiful weekend we had in the city and in Sonoma:-) It was supposed to rain and I think it was you that brought out the sunshine!! miss you, love you.



Submitted by Court on 03.08.10

Hey Ash-

Even though you are somewhere else, your spirit is with me every day

Submitted by Brian on 03.05.10

Ashlyn~ Your spirit motivates me to this day, and I'm certain that will never change. Thank you for reminding me to live hard, to push myself, to celebrate, and to find the beauty and energy in each day I'm given. Much Love~ Sara
Submitted by Sara on 03.05.10

Hey Ash,
Sent a little angel your way.  Her name is Chelsea King, but you'll know her as soon as you see her.  Just like you, she loves to run and she lights up the room with her smile.  Thanks for keeping an eye on her.
Submitted by Kelly on 03.04.10

Watched a beautiful sunset and thought of you and your amazing light. Miss you. xoxo
Submitted by unknown on 03.02.10

Hey Ash, Missing you as always but with a heavier heart today.  You have done such great things! I keep your spirit alive with your niece and nephews every day.  Love you and keep up the good work! My arms are wrapped around you, xxoo Mom
Submitted by mom on 03.02.10

missing you tonight p.  your love and light will forever brighten this planet.  the beat does go on...

Submitted by g on 03.01.10

Dear Ashlyn,

   I thought of you today while running in my neighborhood with the boys and felt some warmth in the cold here... Some of us from KKG '97 are heading to Palm Springs in May for a fun girls weekend and I know how much we all wish you could be there too- you would for sure be one of the first to be up for a fun weekend:) We will miss you but you can bet we will raise a toast to your incredible memory and know that you are watching from above!  

Submitted by Rebecca on 02.12.10

Good morning Mr. and Mrs. Dyer,

It was a pleasure and so inspiring to meet you both at the canal at Granada Park.  I would be honored to run my upcoming OC Marathon on May 2nd in honor of your late daughter Ashlyn.  I was so lucky to recover from internal brain bleeding and massive skull fracture this past April 18th while experiencing a malicious act from a stranger.  Please let me know how I can assist your unbelievable foundation.

Submitted by Bob Vossoughi on 02.09.10

Ash - 
I ran into your mom over the Christmas Holiday - it was great to see her and I wish I had been able to see the rest of your family.  I miss you and seeing your mom struck me harder than I thought.  I could barely talk and had to leave as I could feel the tears coming.  I have your picture up in my kitchen and see it everyday - but seeing your mom made it all come back again.
Just missing you and thought you should know!
Submitted by Mary Frances (Scott)Cvetas on 01.24.10



It has been a while since I have written but I am always so excited to see how consistently people post here.   It is such a testament to you. Your spirit continues to touch me often and I love it!  I recently married an incredible person and interestingly enough the color orange is very special to his family.  Just another sign that you are an angel above, watching us all.  When the sun doesn't shine in these winter months, you do. 

Love always,


Submitted by Erica on 12.14.09

Wish I could hear your laugh in person. xoxo
Submitted by Courtney Hughes on 11.14.09

Ashlyn...I am thinking of you today and so many images of you are coming to mind.  I remember you arriving at pre-k (late) in your pink smocked dress with your hair all messy.  I always wanted to give you a hug.  I remember your great, full laugh and how you found humor in every situation.  You rocked on the court in volleyball with 100% concentration.  No occasion was too small for a costume.  I remember you the day you walked down to the beach to take our Christmas card picture, when you and your sisters made the boys do a routine to "Girls Just Want to Have Fun", how beautiful you looked when you walked into the restaurant where we were having dinner in Solvang.  You live on in so many hearts. We miss you.  I am wearing my orange hat today.  Much love, Janet
Submitted by janet on 10.24.09

A day early, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ASHLYN.    As always you are thought of  every day ... On occasions extra-special to you and your family  those memories  are even stronger.  I know  your family always trys to do something fun/"Ashlynesque" on days that can be especially "tough".  No Disneyland this day...USC game should work just fine- cheering  for THE team at the school you all shared. They will be together, and i know you will be there with them.   OK Trojans..make this day a lil more fun for  Allyn , Marsha and Bruce.  FIGHT ON !!!     Lv,  M.L.

Submitted by M.L. on 10.23.09

Hi Ash!!  I found your site when I was looking for fundraisers, in the So. Cal area, for TBI.  Why?  Well I am a TBI survivor!!  I was a passenger on a boyfriends motorcycle in June, 2005 when a driver wanted to get ahead in a traffic jam on the 5 fwy.  His car hit the front tire of our motorcycle - NO.....he did NOT bother to use his turn signal - and I was thrown 30 feet and landed on my head.  Fortunately the closest hospital was Mission Hospital in Mission Viejo and, besides having one of the best trauma centers in the nation, they are quite good with brain injuries!!!  They saved me but I was out of work - rehabbing - for close to two years.  Strangely enough my sisters friend has a brother who just suffered a TBI of his own.  Like me the closest hospital was Mission and he ended up having the same surgeon as me!!!  I would love to, in time, meet with him and his family to offer inspiration if nothing else.  I know that when I was in the hospital I wanted to see "the light at the end of the tunnel" and hope that I can be that light for him.  I will now search the rest of your site for possible fundraisers.  Thanks for the forum!


Submitted by Jill on 10.23.09

Hey Ash,

It's been a while since I originally wrote.  I think of you often.  Last night I was at the grocery store and the clerk asked me if my orange bracelet was in your honor. I said yes and the clerk commented that he ran the 10k this year with an orange ribbon and tries to honor your spirit whenever possible.  I was very excited to hear that.  Then, I kind of got the feeling that he wanted the bracelet, so I offered it to him.  He was very happy and promised to continue to honor your character and spirit.  It made me smile.  You continue to inpire me every day.  Thank you for that.  I love you.

B :)

Submitted by unknown on 10.17.09


Sadly, I never had the opportunity to meet you, but I have continued to check  back to your website these past few years.  I read all of the stories people have written about you...and it still brings tears to my eyes.

I know I never met you, but I feel a connection with you.  Perhaps it's because you passed away on my birthday, and you and my daughter share the same birthday...so I find myself thinking about you a lot on those days.

Sometimes when life seems really tough, I read about you and your love of life - and it inspires me to be a better person. 

Sending love and big hugs to you, your family, and your friends.

Submitted by Unknown on 10.15.09

Hi Ash! 

Just missing you and know you are helping us "Gettin it done" in more ways than one. You are with me every second and still keep me inspired.  Love you and miss you, xxoo Mom

Submitted by Mom on 09.16.09

Its amazing that no matter what else is going on with me, whenever the 4th of July rolls around, I think of you.  Honestly, I think about your dad and his "legendary" 4th street parties on the fourth, but that leads me to thinking of you.  Just want you to know that a bunch of my friends and I went out this afternoon and celebrated the fourth as only we know to do it!  But I was thinking of you and how much fun I think you would have had if you were here on the East coast with us.


your cuz

Submitted by Ken on 07.04.09

Hey Ash!

Today is my 30th birthday and you were definitely with me in spirit... From the butterfly necklace Joe gave me in a butterfly gift bag, which he bought unknowingly, to the butterfly block cravings my mom gave me to hang in our house!! You were near... Miss and love you!


Submitted by Courtney Hughes on 06.24.09

Hey Ash,

So it has been awhile since my eyes welled up thinking about you. Normally you bring a smile to my face, but the other day We are the Champions came on the radio, by Queen. I guess I was living out my glory days a bit:) But had this vivid memory of winning CIF Championships and you, your huge smile and tackling eachother in the middle of the court. One of the best memories. I miss you, we all do. Just know that you are always loved no matter how far away you are now. Take care of my mama. xo

Submitted by unknown on 06.01.09

Hi Ashlyn -

I have been to your site many times through out the last couple of years and felt inspiration from your life more each time. I moved to Manhattan Beach a few years ago now and heard about you, your story, and life from many different friends that I have made. Just hearing the way these friends spoke of you, your love, passion for life, and friendship inspired me. I finally got the chance to look up your site here not too long after hearing several stories about you and I am so glad that I have been able to read your story. Your drive in life is apparent in every picture and in every word that your loved ones have written here - it brings tears to my eyes to think of what was taken from all of them and from this world when you had to leave. The gifts that you continue to bring to everyone's life, even those like me that didn't know you, is absolutely beautiful. You may not be here physically anymore, but your spirit is! I didn't get to know you, but even so, I feel more inspired then ever to go after my dreams and live life with great perserverance! Thank you!

Much Love to you and all of your loved ones!!!

Submitted by Inspired on 05.14.09

Let the silent tears flow
And when your eyes clear
Perhaps you will glimpse
How your eternal child
Has become the unseen angel
Who parents your heart
And persuades the moon
To send new gifts ashore.

Cheez, I think of you and your family so, so much.  The snow is finally beginning to melt up north and spring is around the corner.  The shifting of the seasons makes me think of your life and how you always savored the small, precious parts--spring buds, sunsets, laughter and good friends and family.  I am surrounded by you down here and trying to celebrate and honor life the ways you always do.  I miss you, Chez. 

Submitted by Bean on 04.22.09


i re-visit your site often, thinking of you - though we have never met.  i did meet your mother and father back in june in laguna beach, and i learned of you then.  you are greatly missed by many wonderful people, as you know.  i look forward to meeting you soon.


Submitted by phil on 04.19.09

Hey Ash,

Miss you tons!  Getting ready for your Presidio 10 on Sunday, I know you'll be there pushing all of us to the limit!  I can't believe its been 3 years since you were taken from us, I still expect to see you in the city and in Manhattan Beach.  I know you are there in so many ways.  Your parents are doing an amazing job and making wonderful achievements with you guiding and inspiring them.  You are so loved!  Thank you for being such an amazing source of inspiration.



Submitted by unknown on 03.25.09

Hi Ashlyn,

I remember when you were a junior in high school and I was a freshman, I quit the volleyball team and when I decided to play again the following year, you were so excited for me and seemed geniunely happy about it. At that time, I remember feeling really great that someone like you - with so many friends and who people always wanted to be around - was so thrilled for me.  You were also always the most encouraging of the upperclass volleyball girls during summer workouts when the younguns were getting their butts kicked. :o)

I never really saw you after high school, but I still think about how nice it was that day (13 years ago!!!) and during practices to feel your support.

I have never met your family, but I do see them in Manhattan Beach sometimes and always want to give them a big bear hug for enduring the loss of a daugther like you; and for the work they continue to do in your memory.

Submitted by unknown on 03.19.09

Submitted by Your Big Sis Al on 03.12.09

Hey Ash! Thinking about you today. Taylor's birthday was this month and she turned one. Oh how I wish she could meet you. Your mom gave her a beautiful butterfly shirt in your honor! A gift from Ash! I just love butterflies! You have truly branded the color orange and any butterfly! I always think of you when I see either one...It is a good thing...I miss ya Ash!
Submitted by jodie thinnes on 03.12.09

Hey Gril! I saw some orange balloons on the way to work today and I knew you were saying "hi". Your name sake says she loves you and she will send you a balloon. Love ya
Submitted by unknown on 03.12.09

Hi Ashlyn!

Thinking and missing you all the time. You are doing wonderful things down here!  I continue to be proud of you.....hugs and kisses to my girl, love, Mom

Submitted by Mom on 03.12.09

Hey Ash,
Been thinking about you a lot. You probably already know but I just sent my mom up your way. I miss her a ton already and hope you two find each other. Give her a hug for me. Love you soo much and think of you always.
Submitted by unknown on 03.04.09


Yesterday, March 2nd I decided to change things up in my place and headed to Pottery Barn.  I walked in and everything was orange, instantly I thought of you, which I do often.  I looked around and was drawn to these beautiful butterfly pillows, thinking of you I knew this is what I have been waiting to find, they were perfect!  I called Jodie to tell her I bought all this new stuff and it reminded me of you.  Later that night I told mother Marcia the story and she couldn't believe it since she had also seen these pillows, everything orange and even said she bought an orange shirt that day thinking of you.  You were definately in the air yesterday and I felt your presense.  I was then reminded that March 2nd was the day you were hit.  We love and miss you everyday!!!!

Lots of  Love,


Submitted by laurie hughes on 03.03.09

Hi Ashlyn
Was on this site yesterday reading all of the wonderful stories your friends and family have written to you over the years and it made me so happy to see how present you still are. Went on a run in SF today...it was gorgeous, crisp weather...clear and beautiful. On my way home I stopped to get coffee and pick up some flowers. Today my flower shop had one bouquet of bright orange daisies sort of hiding in the corner. They never have daisies and rarely carry any orange flowers at all (they are my favorite so I look out for that color!). It was amazing. I bought them and they are in my kitchen, brightening up the house. Thinking of you today...

Submitted by Maggie Molyneux-Dawkins on 01.24.09

Hi Ashlyn!

Mom here!  I just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas and let you know I think about you 24/7...Nick S. came by last night with a special gift for me and Dad.  It is a USC football , to "Bruce and Marsha", "Fight On'' signed by Pete Carroll.  It once again reminds me how you still inspire people and remain a guardian angel to all of us.  You know, the term "Fight On" has taken on a whole new meaning for us, as we do it every day in your honor, keeping your spirit alive and with us all the time. I know you are surrounded by all of our loved ones and picture all of you celebrating the holiday family style, with "good times, good people, perseverance and self sacrifice".  Just know that we miss you, love you, and honor you every day.  The Ashlyn Dyer hospital rooms in San Francisco are under way, and we will be breaking ground in Phoenix in the spring for the "Ashlyn Dyer Aquatic Center". Just know that you will never be forgotten, we all love you and miss you!  And look for our new Parker Ash Leoff in January!!!!!!!!Merry Christmas sweetheart, I love you!  Mom

Submitted by mom on 12.24.08

Hi P,

Thinking about and missing you...now and forever.

All my love,


Submitted by unknown on 12.12.08

Hi Ashlyn!  And the beat continues to go on again TODAY because of YOU!  Thank you!  You are thought about often!
Submitted by unknown on 12.03.08

God Bless you Phil.  In many ways Ashlyn has brought the world together even though some of us did not personally know her.  Marsha and Bruce are SPECIAL PEOPLE!!!!  I would never had heard of you without them or this site.  You hang in there,  I am sorry you have not been feeling well, but you will be OK!  I LOVE YOUR SPIRIT. God and all of our angels (all of our family and friends that have passed on) "that Ashlyn is flying with up there" will take care of us all always and forever from here to there!  Enjoy them surrounding you always!

Submitted by unknown on 11.07.08

happy belated birthday, Ash!!!

when i read of many others' memories of you ... and their collective thoughts ... of you ... etc ... i must say that i am not surprised with the overwhelming, ongoing wave of love and honor.  Ashlyn, your parents touched me so, so, so much in one twinkling of a moment, and it changed my life forever. 

i have shared your story with many others, and those moments are precious when in can be me ... and allow my tears to fall ... and allow others to see who i am - who we are.

i have always felt that i was one of the good ...

... but who knows ...

it ain't about us!

it's about the Man, Himself who gives us life and created us.  your story is precious, as if i want to touch it and look into your eyes in order to understand it moreso, but i cannot ... we all ... cannot.  so, as you say "the beat goes on."   only you could give us that signal, to move on like that ... as so many of us often find ourselves sitting and thinking ... and sobbing ... about you ... and about the whole situation ... and so on.

your mom and dad are not like that, however, i think.  they are positive, proactive, energetic people full of love and compassion for others ... and they are so driven by you and their love for you ... we can see it in all that they do.

tonight, let me tell you that yet another life was changed by your story.

haven't been feeling well lately, so if you see me up there ... tap me on the shoulder n say hi.  i would love to give you a hug and let you know how much you changed my life.


Submitted by phil on 10.29.08


HAPPY 30th Birthday.  It is still hard to believe that you beat all of us to such a better place.  Every night Jack still prays for you and is always asking what do you think Ashlyn is doing up in Heaven.  You and your story continues to touch many people.  Please keep looking after your family down here as our prayer for them is for peace and understanding.

We miss you...

Submitted by Marley, Jack and Austin on 10.24.08

Hey Ash. As we near what was to be your 30th Birthday I find myself thinking of you so much. I think of the full and inspiring life you led, but I can't help but think of the all the things that were stolen from you. My 3 kids are my joy and it breaks my heart that you will never be a mother. Ash, I know without a doubt you would have been such a wonderful mother. With your positive spirit, compassion for others and sense of humor those kids would have been so special and blessed to have you. I know you would have had so much fun with them. Actually, I picture you being a lot like your own mom. Car decorated for every holiday, happy to give us rides places and sing along with us to the music, always cheering the loudest at sporting events and alway have the garage freezer stocked with popsicles!! Oh, you would have been an amazing mom. But what consoles me is that I know you are a part of me and my children. You are their Angel watching over them every day and they are so lucky. I love you Ash and Happy Birthday.
Submitted by Meghan Murphy-Schaper on 10.24.08

Happy 30th Birthday Ash!  We miss you so much!
Submitted by unknown on 10.24.08

Happy Birthday Ash!! Wish I was in Phoenix celebrating with everyone. Love you!
Submitted by Lisa on 10.24.08

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ASHLYN {_i_}  That is my birthday cake to you!  You get it huh?  :)

Submitted by unknown on 10.24.08

Happy 30th Birthday Ashlyn!!!!!!  Happy Birthday Marsha and Bruce too...this is your special day also!  I know this day has special meaning and memories to you in so many ways that nobody can and should understand but you two...these are yours and Ashlyn's to share ONLY together!!!  You have memories, feelings, and hopes that are personal and reserved for ONLY YOU on this day!  But as you have this, please know you have a HUGE ARMY of so many others behind you for support and encouragement!!!  And this ARMY has been affected by this in so many different ways too!!  Your ARMY (who has been touched in ways that range from close friends of Ashlyns and your family to complete strangers who have heard about our ANGEL) is ready to step up ALWAYS.  I hope you know how big your army really is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  You have a very strong family (my thoughts and prayers go out to not only you two, but her sisters also...and the rest of your family!!!)  Marsha, I am so excited for the fact that you told me about your special gift for Ashlyn for this special day...how she will continue to change so many lives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I cannot wait to hear about how this special event goes.  OCTOBER 24th...WHAT A SPECIAL DAY!  :)  love, Heather

Submitted by :) on 10.24.08

Hey Ash,

Happy 30th Birthday.  I haven't written on this site until now, although I have checked it at least once a week since you left us.  I haven't really had the guts, nor have I known what to write.  I just wanted to thank you for setting the standard.  Although you were way above "the standard", I think you were always the first of our friends to do anything. You taught us how to laugh, you taught us how to cry and most of all, you taught us how to live life.  Thank you for the many lessons that you taught us and continue to teach us.  You inspire me every day.  I love you.

B :)


Submitted by unknown on 10.24.08

Thank you Miss Ashlyn Dyer, for the bright and incredible flash in the sky tonight. I asked you to show yourself and you immediately did....I know it was you flying by and showing yourself for everyone to see.  You are always there for the world left behind, and you know we are always there for you too!  AMAZING!!!!   And they say miracles don't happen...I don't believe that....I JUST SAW ONE!  THANK YOU for that!
Submitted by A new friend on 10.22.08

Image Preview  Happy almost halloween, one week from your 30th birthday, and HAPPY YOU ALWAYS BEING THERE FOR YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!!!!  And of course the ORANGE ANGEL PUMPKIN speaks for itself!  Thanks for flying above and looking out!
Submitted by unknown on 10.17.08

Hi again,
I was cleaning out a drawer next to my bed and out fell the program from your memorial. I started crying. I think it is safe to say that we all still really miss you and remember you everyday in so many great ways. Thank you for continuing to shine down on us and presenting yourself to us in ways we couldn't have imagined when you were still here. We love you.
Submitted by unknown on 10.13.08

Hey Ash,  Thinking about you often especially today. As you may know in heaven that a Ryan Thomas arrived there on Saturday, October 4th. He was the oldest son of my boss Kevin Thomas. He was full of life as you were and he touched many peoples lives as you did. Please take care of him up there.  Love and miss you tons.

Submitted by Jodie on 10.09.08

Go to fullsize image

An orange sunflower for you Ashlyn!  Thank you for the inspiration, you touched yet another life today! 

Submitted by unknown on 09.27.08

For Ashlyn's Family...

I heard about this tragedy when it happened, and was very saddened by the news.  I went to Mira Costa and was a couple years older than Ashlyn.  I did not personally know her but  I know many of her friends. After all MB is a small and close community.  I was putting a memorial together on Face book Mira Costa Classes of the 90's page for all our friends who we have lost, and I came across this website for Ashlyn......I WAS DEEPLY TOUCHED by the stories from her family, friends, and strangers who Ashlyn inspired.  It is extraordinary how many lives one person can touch in so many different ways.  She is truly an inspiration to all.  I could not stop the tears when reading the absolutely BEAUTIFUL letters from her mom, dad, and sisters.  They are some of the most beautiful words I have ever read in my life.  It is very apparent that she had a wonderful, loving family, and a huge group of friends.  You can definitely tell she was an AMAZING young lady!!!!  Ashlyn and all of you (her family) have truly inspired me after looking at this site.  How can I help your foundation?  I would love to help in any way I can!  I would also like to know how I can go about purchasing some orange wrist bands....I would love to help spread the awareness.  Thank you for letting me share a little bit of your daughter and sister through this website and God Bless your family! 


Submitted by Heather on 09.27.08

Hey Ash,

I am getting ready to come home soon, however I realize that we will not be able to meet up like we used to.  I am looking forward to running the hometown fair 10k in your memory.  It has been a while, but I know you are there.

We miss you down here.
Submitted by unknown on 09.11.08

Hi Ash,

I'm missing you and wishing you were coming to the concerts in SF with me this weekend.  You have always been a fabulous dance partner wherever there is music playing!  I thought of you all day on the 4th and wore your shirt with pride, I even thought, hmmm, do you think that line works with the cops?  "Well, hello there occifer, can't you read the shirt?  It says I reserve the right to party on the 4th of July!"  Your sister represented you well on the flip cup table, too.  I miss you and I think about you always, I'll be channeling you tonight while I'm dancing in the park.  You are loved and missed everyday.


Submitted by Jamie on 08.22.08

I found pictures of you and me and Kim Kohn in my bathroom with our faces painted Costa Crush style with pom poms. We were cracking up and I could hear your laugh in my head. I miss hearing it outloud. I miss you but have started running everyday now and wear the orange visor. I find that when I don't think I can't go any further, I think of you and find my stride again. I love you. Thank you for contining to shine.
Submitted by unknown on 08.14.08

Ashlyn and I studied and traveled together in Florence in 2000. Naturally as is custom on abroad programs where people come from different universities, we lost touch shortly after the program.

I was at the gym in SF the other day and noticed a girl with a shirt that said the Ashlyn Dyer Foundation and thought to myself  I know that name and googled the foundation. I am in complete disbelief over what I found. It is shocking that someone as kind and full of life as Ashlyn is no longer with us. She was truly a unique soul, and I am glad to see her spirit lives on through her foundation.

Submitted by unknown on 08.13.08

Hi Ash!

I can't believe that this is the third 4th of July without you.  I keep thinking you will be walking up 4th street, roller skates in hand getting ready for the night. I just want you to know that you still keep inspiring people and changing lives.  I miss you all the time and every morinig on my run I say a prayer for you.  Keep everyone together up there....you are with a good crowd.  We will all toast you today, and live up to your quote, " I reserve the right to party on the 4th of July!" Love you, Mom

Submitted by Mom on 07.04.08

it was the end of the evening and i was alone ... so i thought ... but never could i have imagined that my life would change so dramatically ... so instantly.

the waves were crashing on the beach and some of the rocks of Laguna were minimally lit ... but God steered me down this path ... Surf n Sand; Splashes, June 26, 2008.

as i sat at the bar watching and listening to the waves crash on the beach, pondering my own pitiful life, i became very aware of a man's orange bracelet ... and selfishly i asked if he golfed.  he looked at me not as a father who had lost his precious daughter but as a man of courage who knows that we are out there ... waiting to meet him ... and learn more about his life ... his life with and without his incredible daughter, Ashlyn.  he accepts it, with amazing courage and love ... it was obvious to me ... instantly.  so, it was with great courage and love that he said to me, "no, not golf. i uh ... i lost my daughter a couple of years ago ..." and he leaned toward me and reached out his hand to show me "THE ASHLYN DYER FOUNDATION" written on the orange braclet ... and with all the compassion i could muster, i took his hand and said "i'm very sorry to hear ... " and ... while i could tell that he had heard those words a million times, i could sense an incredible presence ... and i told the man that i'd like to know if could have a braclet like that, as i would wear it always.  he did not question if i would or not.  he simply removed the orange braclet from his wrist, and looked at me and said "please take mine."

he introduced himself as Bruce, and he smiled as he retreated to a table where several others were having a wonderful time. after paying my tab, i walked over to Bruce and could only say "Bruce, thank you" as i fought back tears ... realizing his selfless, kind act out of a true love and incredible loss.  i reached across the table to shake his hand ... and the orange glow on my wrist was there ... Ashlyn was there ... and almost instantly the arms of a beautiful lady wrapped me up and seemingly would not let go ... but neither could i let go ... as i felt so much emotion ... caught in a river, but not fighting it, just trusting it.  i am not known for hugging strangers, but i know the value of a good, genuine hug ... and as i looked all through Ashlyn's website today ... i now know that the woman who hugged me was Marsha, Ashlyn's mom.  what an amazing mom, dad, family!!!  they have truly "perservered and sacrificed," and they embody all that is good ... and it is so so clear to me that they genuinely care about people and seek to perpetuate "good times, good people"  ... in hopes of sharing Ashlyn's life and story ... and as seeds are planted, God will certainly take it from there and change lives, in His time ... according to His perfect plan for each and every one of us.

today is different.  yesterday i could only say that my favorite color is orange ... i was born in october ... i went to usc ... etc.  but today is different.  today i can say "my favorite color is orange, just like Ashlyn."  i can say "i (too) was born in october, just like Ashlyn."  .... etc ....  and the beat goes on, with Ashlyn's story now engraved on my heart. 

walking through this website has been an experience - life changing. Ashlyn's life clearly touched many ... and her love of life and all that is good is an amazing legacy ... and her passing reached all the way down ... to me, when i was not expecting it.

Thank you, Bruce and Marsha.  And thank you to our Lord who watches over us .... and Ashlyn, to you ... i can faithfully report that your people are truly wonderful ... i will do my very best to perservere and sacrifice ... through your inspiration ... and ... Ashlyn, i will meet you someday and perhaps take a moment to try to express my gratitude for changing my life ... so instantly ... through your incredible father whose selfless act will never be forgotten. 

in love and joy, and in Christ, thank you again! 


Submitted by phil on 06.27.08

Hey Cheez,

I just returned from a run in the forest. All of the bluebells and rose hips were out which was absolutely beautiful and made me think of you the entire time--thanks for joining me today! Jesse and I are getting married in 4 weeks and I still can't come to terms with the fact that I have no where to send an invitation to you.  I know you will be there, but you know what I mean.  I miss you Cheez and think of you and your family so much, but I love coming here, reading about how much you are with all of us and flipping through pictures of your beautiful smiling face.  I love you and hope to have you with me in the woods again someday soon.      xoxo-Bean


Submitted by Bean on 06.26.08

Hey Ash~

Just thinking of you... Last weekend I was wearing your bracelet and this man from Canada came up and asked me about it. I told him about all about you... It was nice talking about you. For some reason, though you are always in my heart, I hadn't spoken your name in awhile. At the end of our conversation I gave the man my orange bracelet. I told him to go to your website, I told him it would change his life for the better.

I miss you Ash.

Lets go surfing again tonight.... love court

Submitted by Courtney on 06.06.08

Hey ashlyn! I miss you and coming out to california to visit you. I hope you are having a great time up in heaven and living the good life with aunt jean!I hope my family and i get to come out and visit your family soon! We all miss you and love you very much. I was so lucky to have such a fun, outgoing, happy cousin like you! I love you and miss you(: You will always be in my thoughts and prayers. Love, Lindsay
Submitted by Lindsay Stemberger on 06.05.08

I was at Sports Basement in the Presidio yesterday and saw Ashlyn's picture framed on my way out. Something drew me to it. It was a memorial photo and she looked like me - blonde, young, happy, at the beach with a camera - too familiar. It was a stark attraction and curiosity I had about the photo, so I decided to check out the website. I just checked out the site and I'm wiping tears from my eyes. I heard this story two years ago, but never knew who the victim was. I was very touched though at the time and furious about the hit and run in my beloved SF. How mortal we all are. How many times I've ran through the Presidio thinking the entire time how amazing San Francisco is and how lucky I am to live here and be able to run inside a city in such a gorgeous place. The Presidio is our urban get away, our forested playground within the city - not our urban ghetto. It's not fair that Ashlyn was taken so young, but I'm so overwhelmingly touched at the influence her life - and death - have had. This rings close to my heart in more than one way. My parents were hit by a drunk driver in 1982, when I was 4 years old. My Mother was injured, but ok, but my Father suffered major head trauma. He was in a coma for months but came out. He went through years of rehabilitation and tried to move on with his life past that faitful night, but in reality, his life - nor anyone in our family's lives - have been the same since. This website's statistics are so right on. So few people understand the magnitude of what head trauma can do to a person and thir loved ones. There is simply not enough awareness. I've been explaining why my Father talks "different," walks "different" and has such a quick, uncontrollable temper for the past 26 years. For the past few years, I've been looking for some way to help spread awareness about head trauma and I think Ashyln led me to her foundation yesterday. I want to help with this foundation and hope to get in touch with the facilitators. I want to help educate people about head trauma. Thank you Ashlyn for leading me to you and your foundation, but most of all to your inspiring spirit. I am reminded to enjoy life to the fullest as you never, ever know when it can be taken away. I was in Florence in 2000 as well. Ashyln, I think you and me are kindred spirits ~
Submitted by Heather Kelly on 05.12.08

Hi Ash,

Walking towards the office today I saw the most gorgeous bright orange gerbera daisies - naturally I thought of you.  You inspire me everyday.

Submitted by Jamie on 04.23.08

I lost my son and running buddy, Charlie, 3 years ago at the age of 14 to a riptide.  Since then I have been running events around the Bay area in his memory, wearing his shirt, and missing him with every beat of my heart.  I ran the Presidio10K yesterday because I knew Charlie would've loved to be there, with beautiful clear weather and views over the GG Bridge and back and especially the great live music at the end.  When I learned of the tragic loss of Ashlyn I knew I had meet her parents.  I did meet them briefly after the run and gave them a hug.  I can tell they are still heartbroken.  I want to say I know.... but then again one can really never know the depth of each person's individual love, and loss, for another... I just want to say I am so very very sorry for your loss.  From what I've read on this site Ashlyn was a remarkable and well-loved person.  I am so impressed by the goodness her parents are striving for in the worst possible moments for a parent.  From the organ donation to the Foundation for head trauma research.  Ashlyn's spirit and goodness lives on.  Next year I'll find out how to get an orange shirt.  Please take care,  --Scott;  bib#1421

Submitted by Scott Harrison on 04.10.08

Yesterday was your race and I had been running a little bit to prepare for it but not much. Then on weds. i pulled my calf muscle and had to stop running. Had to get a taxi home in fact. Tons of pain and i knew i probably wouldn't be able to run which really bummed me out. So on sunday as i started to warm up my leg was still in a lot of pain but decided i had to at least start the race and see how far i could make it.. As i was going along the leg was feeling better and better and i could just feel like you were helping me along. It was almost like you were running and not me. I just want to thank you for giving me and so many people strength to take the next step...
Submitted by unknown on 04.08.08

Hi Ash,

I ran the Presidio 10 yesterday and your energy flowed right through me.  I haven't run a race since sophmore year at Costa and had planned on walking yesterday, but there you were pushing me to run!  I couldn't believe it, your spirit and determination kept me going, there's no way I could've stopped with you as my driving force.  It was all about the 4th street love as Sarah Wohn and I felt so inspired by you! You continue to inspire and brighten the days here in SF.  I miss you.  Last Thursday I was reminded of the time we were at the Independent together talking about 4th street memories, so much fun.  You are in my thoughts everyday and because of you the color orange has been added to my wardrobe.  Ash, you're amazing. 

Love Always,


Submitted by Jamie on 04.07.08


Court and I just got back from the Presidio 10, what an amazing event...  You truely touched so many peoples lives...  We love and miss you tons and think of you each and every day...  Your spirit is with us all!!! We all have the power to give away love, to love other people.  And if we do so, we change the kind of person we are, and we change the kind of world we live in.  Rabbi Harold Kushner  Lots of Love, Laurie

Submitted by Laurie Hughes on 04.07.08

From now on I am part of you

I am the story that you'll tell

Let my life empower you

Let my troubles teach you well

Let your burning hatred go

Learn yourself until you know

That fear is where all hatred begins


From now on I am part of you

I am the story that you'll tell

Let my life empower you

Let my troubles teach you well

As they set my last breath free

Turn your eyes but don't fail to see

The love you feel inside your skin

We don't fear death my Ashlyn

We don't fear death my Ashlyn
Submitted by unknown on 04.05.08

Ashlyn and I were friends in Florence back in 2000 during our Junior semester abroad.  I had lost touch with her after a couple of years, but always assumed we would connect again at some point.  I just found out a few days ago what happened and can't express how devastating the news is, even to someone who hasn't seen her in 8 years. 

She is truly one of the happiest, most awesome people I have ever med.  We had some incredible, amazing times traveling around Italy: our endless games of hearts, our time on the beach in Taormina, our walk through Cinque Terre... 

I will always remember her.
Submitted by Tom Powell on 04.02.08

    You sure have been on my mind lately... This morning I showed baby Keira your picture--she loves looking at pictures of people--and I found myself telling her all about you.  I told her about your laugh, that unforgettable laugh.  I can't let go of that laugh.  It echoes in mind and then I try to mimic it out loud, but it never sounds quite like yours.  What I would give to hear that just one more time...
    I started to think about our old high school volleyball warm up tape you made.  Remember how Dealea rolled her eyes when Twisted Sister's "We're Not Gonna Take It" became our opening song?  Classic.  I downloaded that song and played it for Keira.  Did she ever get a kick out of me trying to do the one legged air guitar you mastered at my wedding! 
    Anyway, we jammed to awesome 80's glam rock all the way up to my grandparents house to see all of her spring blossoms.  On our way, I stopped by a nursery and bought a bright orange gerber daisy to plant in her beautiful garden.  It looks so pretty among all of the colorful flowers.  She was definitely missing orange!
    I decided that every year Keira and I are going to pick a spring day to sit outside, play 'Twisted Sister' and plant an orange flower in your memory.  Miss you my friend!
Submitted by Tex on 03.19.08

Hey Ashlyn,

For whatever reason, I think about you. Maybe because I have recently stumbled across other people from Xavier. I think about your family, Allyn especially- hi. I just want to send prayers and thoughts to all of you. It has been sooooo many years since I have seen any of you, but like I said, I periodically think about your family. I send a hug to whoever needs it today. ~Corey 

Submitted by Corey Passey on 03.17.08



Since the first time I saw you as the setter on the Mira Costa Varsity team I have always and will always look up to you. I was the freshman girl so nervous to start high school volleyball, but when I met you you were so nice and just had such a spirit. You were always happy and always had this great aura about you.


Ever since you passed it has made me think about life and the way I live it. You have inspired me to, as someone else said, live the life in my days and not just the days in my life and cherish all that I have. You are a stunning individual and someone that is missed sooo much. But your memory is kept alive everyday and all around us. I hope all is well in Heaven and we know that you are looking down on all of us always.  

Submitted by Nicki on 03.13.08

Submitted by unknown on 03.12.08

dear ash...we miss you so much....we have all been soooooo cranky with eachother all day and we know that is not YOU>>>>>its just that we miss you! and we are soooooo sad. but we know that you are our angel that covers us all  and we just wanted to say goodnight...see you tomorrow........everywhere! love SHMAX and MARJ!!!!!!!
Submitted by max and marj 3-12-08 on 03.12.08

Ash, I knew the date was upon us but I honestly wasn't sure quite when exactly. Then something oddly powerful made me go and get my toenails painted bright orange this afternoon. When I came home I logged on to this website only to learn why. You are with us always. Miss you girl...and my toenails look fierce!
Submitted by Kristi on 03.12.08

Hey Ash,  I cannot believe that two years has passed.  We all miss you.  Thank you for your constant reminders that you are here with us.  We love you.
Submitted by anonymous on 03.12.08

Ash-  I can't believe it has already been two years. As you know, we all talk and think of you often; your memory is alive and well everywhere.  I'm looking forward to your race in a few weeks, when we can celebrate your life all together, orange everywhere.  We miss and love you.
Submitted by Lindsey Blenkhorn on 03.12.08

Dear Ashlyn, You have been on my thoughts so often for the last ten days or so. I remember distinctly the first time I met you, in the backyard I shared with Cameron. I remember the stylish, sassy, warm woman who just so happened to be connected to me through someone we both love, Ella. And in the months I knew you, you never ceased to be fun, creative, stylish, and, best of all, the embodiment of life lived well. I was with Ella that terrible day that so many received the worst phone call of their lives. As we sat at SF General, it didn't seem possible that you wouldn't be okay. As I said before, you radiated life. I think of you often, and I think of how unfair things turn out. But I also am constantly inspired by you, and I hope to touch people the way you touched me and so many others. At your race last year, I took a break and watched the bay...and I saw dolphins! I have never seen dolphns in the bay and I know that special moment was connected to you somehow. I read in a book once the best description of the afterlife I can say "Perhaps when we die, we are transformed into beams of light that are attracted to the essence of those we loved in our lifetime." So, I think of you when I see orange anywhere, and I think of you in the starry night. You left such a tremdous legacy in a short life, we are all better off from having, however briefly, you in our lives. My mom once told me that we don't know anything for sure, and that's why we have faith. Your friends and family keep the faith for you, and I know you return the favor. So, this was my long-winded way of saying thank you for the llife you lived. You left us with a lot and your life serves as an example of how we should all hope to live. With gratitude for having known you and those that love you!
Submitted by Danielle on 03.11.08

We can not believe it has already been two years.  We can honestly say that I do not think one night has gone by that our little Jack has not included you in his prayers everynight.  As you know we are experiencing a very tough time right now with our 2 year old who was diagnosed with severe brain cancer in October and we truly believe that you have been one of her many guardian angels looking over her while she continues this tough fight.  We know you are in God's wonderful grace and it a better place.  We always pray for the one's that you left behind that struggle with so many questions of why!  May all those who know you take a moment tomorrow and just dance where ever they are in memory of your short life as  You have touched many.  God Bless, The McLaughlin Family
Submitted by Pat, Holly, Austin, Jack and princess Marley on 03.11.08


I did not know you personally but I felt as if I did for many reasons.  I moved into your old room in San Francisco and from the moment I walked into your room, I could sense your presence and I could feel angels all around.  From that moment, I knew I was supposed to be there and I instantly felt that you were looking down on us, protecting everyone who loved and cared for you.  I can't explain the feeling - but it was if you were with us all - laughing and sharing stories every single day.  I wish that I knew you because I know how much everyone loved you.  I wish you love and happiness in Heaven and know that I think of  you often.

Submitted by Brooke Sigmon on 03.03.08

Hey Ash,


Just wanted to write a little note to you and let you know that you were heavy on my heart and mind yesterday.  The night before I ran into Vern out and about in downtown Manhattan and we had a really nice talk about you.  As I left downtown Manhattan to head home for the night on Saturday I stopped at McDonalds for a vanilla cone and as I was waiting in the line in the drive thru the licence plate on the car in front of me had the letters ASH at the very end of the plate.  I looked at Chelsea and said, "see that."  "Thats's a sign."  I thought to myself either your ears were ringing when Veronica and I were talking about how AWESOME you are or you were just letting me know you are ok......  I woke up Sunday March 2nd, 2008 and it was an absolutely beautiful day in Manhattan Beach.   So pumped as I got ready to head up to the Staples center for the Lakers v.s. Dallas game at 12:30.  I put on my Lucky Lakers shirt and my Orange Ashlyn wristband and I was ready for gametime.  I headed up to the game with my girl and her roommate and my buddy David Swatik.  We talked on the way up to the game about you Ash.  We talked about how Awesome you were and I still say ARE because i believe you are still around .  I know this because of things like seeing your name on a licence plate.  Or how i feel when i put on your bracelet.  Or the fact that I drove up to the Laker game and the Los Angeles Marathon was happening.  I stared at the runners as I walked to the arena and I kept looking to see if I'd see any orange.  I thought to myself, "another sign from Ashlyn."  I wasn't as close with Ashlyn after high school and I wasn't as close in the years before she passed however I made a lot of changes in my personal life and i know that had she seen me over the past 3 years that we would have reunited our friendship.  Thats the way she was and she would've been proud of me.  Thats the way she was as a person.  I thought to myself yesterday Ash that it wasn't ironic that I had no idea that the LA Marathon was going on.  It was just a sign that you were saying hello and you were saying you're OK!!  It was the 2nd anniversary since some COWARD took you away from us as you were training for that very race.  I want you to know that I wear your bracelet in honor of you and although i don't wear it every day I wear it when i need a lift.  I wear it when i play basketball.  I wear it on days like yesterday when i feel your precence and I feel your spirit on a beautiful day when the sun is shining and the Lakers are winning on a day you should've been running.  I saw Linds yesterday after the game at rock n fish!  I gave her a hug and she looked at me and said you know what today is.  I held up my hand and showed her my bracelet and I whispered to her to be strong!!  I know its tough for your family and your close friends and everyone who knew you.  I choose to have your life inspire me and to keep me strong.  Ash, coming up at the end of May i will have been sober 3 years.  Its not easy but i use inspiration to keep me strong and keep me on the right path.  I hope you know that I will continue to think about you, pray for your family and friends, and i will do my best to lead my life the way you did.  You set a goal and you worked hard for it.  When i think of you the word BEAUTIFUL comes to mind.  Life is beautiful and Ashlyn Dyer so are you......  You may be gone physically but moments like this past Sat night and moments like Sunday show me once again that you will NEVER ever ever be forgotten.   Love ya kid!!!


Submitted by Nick Schneider on 03.03.08

hey sunshine... I can't believe today is the two year anniversary of your accident.  It still doesn't seem real.  I miss you so so so much.  More than  you could ever imagine.  We went down to the beach this  morning and put the most beautiful orange flowers in the ocean in your memory.  It was such a sunny, amazing day.  Thank you for bringing us sunshine!!!  And the sunset tonight was a glowing orange that lit up the sky... you were with me all day.  I miss you friend and love you endlessly. 

I love you always and think of you constantly.  May the beat go on forever and ever.

love always,




Submitted by Lindsay on 03.02.08

Dear Ashlyn -  There are dates that are always remembered  for the tragic events that happened on that day - you know exactly where you were and what you were doing.....Nov. 22 1963 (for us older folk) - Sept. 11.2001,  and for so many, todays date is one that most personally effects us.    I used to love the Borders in Torrance. (I know, i know- i love anywhere i can shop :) - But, that is one store that has not seen any money from me since Justin called me there that morning . (at exactly this time)  Its just  hard to be there.  Luckily, they build a Borders in new shopping center at Rosecrans and Sepulveda.  And, in what is a a bit of irony for me - its right next door to a Cost Plus !  There are soo many places, things, people that remind us of you.  You could NEVER be forgotten and NEVER will be ....Love to You and your Family
Submitted by Marcie L. on 03.02.08

Hey Ash,

Missing you on this beautiful San Francisco day.  You are always in my thoughts.

Submitted by Jamie on 02.26.08

Hey Ash~ 

"and the beat goes on"....right???  Right!  it does...So we are hard at work preparing, marketing and promoting your race.  It is April 6 this year, and I am expecting over 2000 runners.  All of them thinking about you and why they are really participating that particular morning.   Making a difference.  I talked with Bruce and Marsha the other day, and I was going on about the pre-party music festival, and all of the festivities planned for the post run when I realized this going to become such a wonderful annual event.  Of course it is.  You wouldn't have it any other way.....

miss you


Submitted by Brian on 02.21.08


I have been thinking of you a lot lately...the last time I wrote I was about to get married (that was in September 2006) and since then I have become a mom which has made me think about life and how precious it is  even more...which always leads my thoughts to you.  You treasured life and everything it had to offer- there was a bright light around you always.  I look at my son, Colton, who is now 8 months old and I see the beauty of life and a precious spirit that reminds me of you- so pure, genuine, and loving.  I miss you and think about you often...



Submitted by Rebecca (Redden) Lewis on 02.20.08

Hey Ash,

So I have been hiking Squaw Peak recently. The mountains are so green from all the rain we have been getting this winter. The trail is beautiful and the views from the top are gorgeous. When I made it to the top for the first time I listened to Somewhere Over the Rainbow and thought of you. I know you are here in spirit Ash, I can see you in the sunset and feel you in the breeze. Just wanted to know I think of you all the time. Miss and love you- Court

Submitted by Court on 02.17.08

Hey Wipe,

Happy Belated Valentine's Day. I went with Bob to Rodrigo y Gabriela last night to dance and listen to great music. It was getting hot from the groovin' and as I pushed up my sleeve I looked at my orange band and thought of you and how much you would have enjoyed their sound. As I looked back up the lights that had been all blue and purple shifted to orange and I thought maybe you were there. I miss you and seem to always think of you when I am enjoying life the most. Thank you for being a continuous light for me. I love you.



Submitted by Kat on 02.15.08


Going to the city for dinner tomorrow night. Wish you and Joe were meeting us for din din at Kokkari. Miss you more than words...


Submitted by BEEJ on 02.15.08

Hey funny girl.... I was just thinking about you. I miss you and your wonderful smile. Thanks for making me a better person. I miss you!!!!!!!
Submitted by Sara on 02.13.08

Hey Ashlyn..I went to high school with you and lived in the Bay Area at the same time as you. We used to bump into each other at the airport and you were always so friendly. Even though I wasn't sure if you recognized me at first, you would come right up to me and say hello. I think about  you a lot and read your website to remind myself how precious life is and how inspirational you were to people. I will be starting a new job in  a rehab hospital working with patients who have suffered a TBI and will continue to think about your story. I will always remember how nice you were and will always have you and your family in my thoughts and prayers..
Submitted by Anonymous on 02.12.08

Hey Ash, its Judy, J, whatever... I just wanted to let you know that i think about you all the time and miss you very much. 
Submitted by Justin on 01.14.08

Hello Ashlyn,

Jack is now 7 years old going on 15.  Every night he stills prays that Ashlyn is having a lot of fun up in heaven and that you are looking down on all of your family and friends and taking care of them.  We just hope that anyone that reads this post will hug their loved ones a little tighter everytime you see them.  You Spirit lives on in many.....  Pat and Holly 

Submitted by unknown on 01.03.08

Merry Christmas Ashlyn!  I hope you and Jeannie Weenie are sharing this holiday..we miss  you, toast you, and  constantly celebrate your life.   Wear your wings proudly little one...we love you!  Mom and Dad

Submitted by Mom and Dad on 12.25.07

Merry Christmas, Ashlyn.
Submitted by Anonymous on 12.25.07


I have been thinking about you a lot lately.  I seem to see your face in stranges on the street all the time and want for it to be you.

I miss you.

Submitted by Nick Louis on 12.17.07

Hi Ash!  Just having another moment for you.  It makes me feel better when I can write to you.  Alot has been going on as you well know, so take care of everyone up there.  I miss you. Your wings are delicately placed on our tree.  Love you, Mom
Submitted by Mom on 12.15.07

Hello beautiful Ashlyn...

I never knew you and you didn\\\'t know me...but I feel I know you now.  I was hit by a car while jogging two days ago near my home in Las Vegas and I miraculously survived.  I came home from the incident and wanted to research on the internet what the statistics are of joggers being struck by vehicles.  That\\\'s how I found you and your incredible story.  When I think of what a bright and noble a person you were while on this planet, that you took such fantastic care of your body by running daily...and that the heart you made so strong has given life to someone else...I am touched to the very core of my being.  My most sincere heartfelt sympathy goes out to your family and all your amazing friends I saw in the photos displayed at your memorial service.  I can easily see why you are so loved and so very missed.  I miss you too and I want you to know the beat will live on in me because I will carry you in my heart and share the wind on my face with you every time I go for a jog from this day forward...


Submitted by Llynda More on 11.18.07

Hey Ash... Hope you welcomed DJ to heaven with a hug and a margarita. He passed away this week; its been a pretty surreal time again... You may remember him for swim team at PCC. Anyways, please look after him for us. I am sure you will become instant friends, you both possess that personable quality. Wish you were here making us all laugh. Talk again soon. I love and miss you.
Submitted by Courtney Hughes on 11.10.07

Hi Ashlyn,

I don't know if you remember me from highschool at Xavier, you sat behind me in English class and you were so much fun to sit next to, I always remember your fun personality and your great stories. I'm also an avid runner and I feel that I share that passion with you. Your story and video made me realize how important it is for me to live life with passion, love and to always have fun! I'll think of you when I run, your an inspiration :) I'm very grateful to have known you.


Submitted by Ariana de la Torre Vieron on 11.09.07

Happy Birthday Ash! Nathan and I found out we are having a baby girl... It was a blessing to find out on your Birthday, and a day later than my grandfathers birthday. I hope he makes you laugh in heaven like he made me laugh on earth!!! I can still see both your smiles. Thinking of you often.
Submitted by Jodie Thinnes on 10.25.07

Happy Birthday Ash.  We love you!
Submitted by Kari, Matt and Elie on 10.24.07

Happy Birthday Ashlyn!

I keep thiniking about how 29 years ago you entered this world and the immediate effect you instantly had on everyone.  We will all celebrate today "Ashlyn" style and reflect upon how you made everyone around you feel like they are Number One.  Needless to say that we miss you terribly and wonder what you would be doing today and where you would  be......on a trip, an adventure, or just out for a long run and watching the sunset.  Alot has happened in the last few weeks....Allyn turned 30, the twins turned 2, the Hometown Fair run dedicated I.D. tags in your memory, and of course, as you know, Jeannie Weenie has joined you in Heaven, both of you wearing your leopard coats!  I know you are all together and taking care of us.  I love you Ash, and you are always with me.  Happy Birthday Sweetheart!     (oh, how did you let Stanford beat SC?, and we missed you at the SC Notre Dame game this year.  It really wasn't the same.)...love you and miss you, Mom

Submitted by mom on 10.24.07

Happy Birthday Ash ... I am so blessed to share my birthday with you. I love you.
Submitted by Lisa on 10.24.07


Submitted by Michele....aka BUK on 10.24.07

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ASHLYN..... We think about you everyday - but even more today !!!!     ps...everyone is decorating for YOU- orange, orange everywhere !  :)
Submitted by Marcie and Rick on 10.24.07

We must of had a malfunction Ash! As I was saying...  Missy found a "kiss" you sent to her from Camp Fox. It was a note telling her know how special she was, and how much fun you had spending time with her at camp. It instantly put a smile on her face when she found it. You can still do it Ash, you still have that affect on people. I miss seeing you. I miss our holidays. I miss you.

ps. I know you were with my as I struggled running to the pier, thanks for the help:)

Submitted by Courtney Hughes on 10.17.07

Hey Wipe,

My grandfather died on Tuesday and I am once again greiving the loss of an incredible person. I feel like I learned from you and losing your everyday physical presence how important it is to let your self greive and mourn, but to allow your self to get past that and be able to spend the rest of my life celebrating all the wonderful things that people have brought into my life and helped to make me into who I am. I miss you terribly still and I know that I will him too. Just promise you will dance with him up there. I love you.

Submitted by unknown on 10.14.07

Hey Ash... I wanted you to know I have been thinking of you. I was with Missy this past week; I haven\\\'t seen her in quite a while. She was going through old boxes from her childhood and she found a \\

Submitted by Courtney Hughes on 10.12.07

Hi Ash – I just had to share a wonderful memory – and it keeps coming back to me over and over. I’m out in front reading – yeah, I know – I’m ALWAYS there! But I look up and see you across the street, and you look over and see me and shout “Hi, Marv!” And come running over and give me a hug and a smacker – all this as if it was the very best thing that has happened to you today. But in reality – it’s ALWAYS the most heartwarming experience for me! Yep – you can still do it to me !!!!

Love you always, Marv

Submitted by Marv on 09.21.07

Ashlyn:  I was watching a movie last night called Gracie, it made me think of you, although I am reminded of you every day....  You are all around me giving me the strength I need to live each and every day to its fullest...  At the end of the movie there was a quote that I thought I should share with you and all those that read your page....

"You feel as if everyone should write a book before they die, but their book is already written.  The pages live within those they touched."

William Shue

Submitted by Laurie Hughes on 09.19.07

Hey Wipe- I'm loving running into your mommy every now and again.  She carries your spirit in her big eyes.  I know you are with her all the time.  The other day we had a pow wow about baby names and how she named all three of you beautiful girls.  Of course I'm partial to Taryn...kidding.  I miss you Wipe.
Submitted by Tex on 09.19.07

I was sitting at home thinking about my childhood and growing up belonging and not belonging in school (meadows).  And although I never associated with Ashlyn or her circle of friends (quite frankly I was forgettable) Ashlyn's face is a reminder of growng up. I googled her and this is where it brought me. She was always so vibrant and rebellious in a non-threatening way.  It was more of a mix between class clown and free spirit.  Ashlyn was the type of person I wish I could have been.  She was kind to everyone and anyone. But what a shock to come across this site.  I will always picture Ashlyn in 8th grade provocatively grinding her hips to Vanilla Ice's "Ice, Ice Baby" and telling coach Kopas "Just kidding" with that radiant grin. 
Submitted by Anna Maria Amador Alarcon on 09.12.07

Hi Ash,

I went to your site on Saturday.  It was such a beautiful day, so peaceful - the sun was shining on the water and there was just a slight breeze.  People running on the trail said hello as they jogged by and I pictured you at 7am running and cheerfully waving at people.  Everyone misses you so much and we all think about you often.  You continue to be amazing as you are in so many places at once, we all love you and you are in our thoughts and hearts everyday.   Thank you Ashlyn for your inspiration and amazing energy, I miss you.


Submitted by Jamie on 08.29.07

Hey Allstar~ there isn't a day that goes by, that I don't think about you.  Like everyone else that was blessed to know you. 
Submitted by Brian on 08.27.07

Hi Ashlyn, Just want you to know that we are missing you so much. I feel you around me so much and just want to grab your hand and go for a walk.  Everyone is keeping your memory alive.......from your volleyball family, the Manhattan Beach family, your San Francisco family....it doesn't stop..  I miss you...Love, Mom
Submitted by Mom on 08.21.07

Morning Cheese.  I just returned from a run and found you on the tip of my thoughts as I got back home and looked next door at the house you and your family use to live in.  It will always be the Dyer's house to me.  I found myself thinking about Spike and Grover, your flamilgo puke ceiling, sliding down your stairs on blankets and your mom driving us to school in her jeep, decorated for each season of course.  I miss you Ash.  I miss you so much, but I am also amazed at how often I find you in my thoughts and dreams...you're never too far away.  Love you to pieces!
Submitted by Bean on 08.15.07

Ashlyn- I can picture you in your monkee boots lighting up the dim halls of Xavier. My son sang "this little light of mine" for his pre-school performance and I thought, tears in my eyes, that is definitely what you did during your amazing, illuminating life. I just want Bruce, Marsha, Taryn, Allyn and the rest of the Dyer family to know that my thoughts and prayers are with your beautiful, inspiring family. Phoenix and Manhattan Beach (as well as many other places) love you!
Submitted by unknown on 07.26.07

"Time is a companion that goes with us on a journey. It reminds us to cherish each moment, because it will never come again. What we leave behind is not as important as how we have lived. "
Submitted by unknown on 07.23.07

Hi Ashlyn, I feel strange posting on this, almost because I don’t feel like it was made for me, but for the people that you loved.  I read the stories and look at the pictures at least once a week.  I never met you, but I attended your memorial service, and honestly, it changed my life.  I attended with my fiance, who knew you and your sister from USC.  Ever since that day in March,  I have kept the orange ribbon tied to my electric toothbrush cord.  Well, I am moving this weekend and held the ribbon in my hand wondering what to do with it.  Each day it has served as a reminder to me to live each day to its fullest, to take the time to reach out to others - its become too meaningful to throw away.... the little orange ribbon.  So, I am bringing it with me to our new home.  I just thought you should know, that your family should know, that you are still changing peoples lives, people that didn’t even know you.  God bless. 

Submitted by Sarah on 07.23.07

Hi Big Ash,
Little Ashlyn has been sleeping with the bunny you gave her a lot lately. She asks about you a lot and I know you look out for your little name sake. I miss you too and I think of you often. It is hard to belive you are gone. I am honored you let Mike and I use your name. You know, she is a lot like you. I know you warned me that could happen LOL, but it a good thing. She is spunky, sweet, funny, pretty, care-free and wonderful... just like you! Everytime she wares those rain boots with the sundress I can't help but laugh and think that you helped dressed her. Miss ya!
Submitted by Sara & Lil Ashlyn on 07.15.07

Hey wipe, Here we are dawning upon our second 6-er without you. It makes me sad, but I am also so glad that we have something like this to do every year, where all of us can get together and keep you alive. No one will ever have the monster dig in the clutch part of the game like you always did, or the tremendous cheer leading skills:) I was always amazed at how scary your natural ability to emulate cheer leaders was:) We all miss you Ash, and we all think of you always. We have a sponsor this year, how about that, huh? A real one that actually is paying for everything and treating us equal to the guys team. Who'd a thunk it, huh? So if you could help us out a bit, help us jump a little higher, pass a little more accurate and keep our coordination intacted while completely faced, maybe we can win a few for you this year. :) I love you.
Submitted by kat on 07.15.07

There's no one in town I know
You gave us some place to go
I never said thank you for that
'thought I might get one more chance

What would you think of me now?
So lucky, so strong, so proud
I never said thank you for that
Now I'll never have a chance

May angels lead you in
Hear you me my friend
On sleepless roads, the sleepless go
May angels lead you in

And if you were with me tonight
I'd sing to you just one more time
A song for a heart so big
God wouldn't let it live

May angels lead you in
Hear you me my friends
On sleepless roads the sleepless go
May angels lead you in

Submitted by unknown on 07.09.07

Hey Ash...

Never a day goes by that we all don't think about you - and miss you terribly.

Submitted by Dana on 06.18.07

Whenever I am sad about my current place in life, I come  back to Ashlyn's website.  Again, I never met Ashlyn but we led such parallel lives but sadly had different outcomes.  Ashlyn's name came up randomly this weekend.  It was one of those 6th degrees of separation, or less in this case and SF. 

Mr Dyer's posting especially moved me as I really can't imagine my dad engaging in emails or online postings.  My first memory after my accident was after coming to after my first surgery with my dad sobbing at my bedside.  I begged my parents to take me home because it was too much to bear seeing my dad crying.  Though it was my first memory,and fortunate to remember it,  it was an awful memory.

yes it is a huge pain and financial burden to deal with the accident but i am alive and so so blessed.  i am so sad for ashlyn and all of you. it is so wrong and awful.

Submitted by Devin Saylor on 05.28.07


 I have never employed this method of communication to voice my feelings for you and our lives together. This is very difficult for me.

First, as you undoubtedy know, I love you more than life itself.

I am "the Dad" and should have been the "first to go ". I retold this to you many times as I watched your life signs diminish in those final days,

Your friends and relatives have been amazingly supportive to us in the last several months, but only you and  I understand our life connections are irreplaceable and will endure forever.

I love you so much!

Your sisters and niece and nephews keep me going and complete our lifecycles!

Submitted by Bruce Dyer on 05.15.07

Hi Ashlyn!

It's Mom, just checking in. It's Mother's Day, which has never been a really big deal, but for some reason my heart is very heavy today and missing you terribly. It's amazing how powerful the word "Mom" or "Mother" is! When I listen to people talking and the number of times they will refer to their Mom or Mother in their conversations, you realize the impact you can have on someone.  I hope I had that impact on you. Having you and your sisters has been the best thing that I ever did,  If I were to count the number of times a day I talk about "my girls" people would think I am obsessed. Maybe I am.  I can't help but wonder Ash, how many kids would you have had. I know you would have been a great Mom...fun, loving, and a good listener yet there to discipline.  I watch in awe the way your  sisters are with your  neice and nephews. Nothing can make a Mother prouder than watching your kids become parents.  And so Ash, I am wishing you a Happy Mothers Day, because I know you would have been the best.  I love you and am so proud of you.  Love, Mom

Submitted by mom on 05.13.07

Hey Ash...

Tonight I hated the color orange.  I sat at US Airways Arena surrounded by people wearing orange shirts for the Phoenix Suns and it made me sick.  I felt so good to be in my Forum Blue and Gold Lakers gear supporting the boys against the Suns.  As the first quarter, and then the second, was played... it was clear the Lakers didn't feel like showing up for the game.  I started to get pretty bummed and the fans around me said "not to worry because at least I had my orange wrist band on. I had a little support in me."  It was weird feeling.  I was supporting you, not the Suns, and I felt proud.  I didn't tell them what the band was for because of the noise, but I started to think.  I get to share your life with someone about once a week and tell them the importance of life and how precious it is.  I found a lot of pride in the Lakers colors that I was wearing to start the night, but ended up being more proud of the color on my wrist because of you. The Lakers lost tonight and the Orange prevailed.  I hope that some day we'll be able to unite that many people to wear orange to support you and the awareness of brain trauma. Thank you for the perspective you have given to me and the love you gave that inspired all of us to keep up the fight to make others aware of the gifts... of life, of love, of time, of friendship, of perseverance and of sacrifice. Thanks Ash-Wipe! I forgive you for steealing Wicket with Adam.

Submitted by Chris Buckley on 04.24.07

Happy Easter, Wipe. I love you. You and your family are in my thoughts.
Always, Kat
Submitted by Kat on 04.08.07

Hey Ashlyn, I've been thinking of you recently. I've been living down in the South Bay again for the past couple of months for work. Every time I go for a run on the strand I keep thinking I'm going to run into you (and you'll reprimand me for not wearing the proper running shoes). But my god, I have seen the most fantastic sunsets. Thanks for those. When I'm winded and about to quit from exhaustion you manage to inspire me for another block or two (I was never much of a runner) Anyway, Brunick was in town last week and we had a drink together. He did a fundraiser in New York a few months ago for your foundation and the turnout was incredible. Everyone was saddened by what happened to you, but also so amazed by your spirit. You live on...everywhere. What else? I don't know. I felt like writing here because I haven't in awhile.
Submitted by Sascha Ciezata on 04.04.07

Ash Over one year has now passed since we lost you and after hundreds maybe thousands of talks, conversations and thoughts as to why you are gone have not made the situation any better or easier to deal with. I still in my heart don’t really accept the fact you are gone and on a recent trip to Brazil it made it even harder. I could not escape from the reminders of you throughout the whole trip. It seemed as if you were telling me that you are still here at every turn. When I got off the plane my inbox was flooded with emails of friends talking about going to the race in Presidio. I know I could never have ran the 10k or the ten miles but I would have jog walked or crawled my way through it and I was op[set I would not be a part of it. Our tour guide was wearing a bright orange shirt. The dressing room in one city was decorated with orange tablecloths, orange fabric pinned to the walls and the lamps were draped with orange streamers. The airline attendants' uniforms in Brazil were orange. I started writing this on an Orange piece of paper. We went to dinner one night and the centerpiece of the table was an arrangement of orange flowers. I took one of the orange roses and decided that I would carry it with me for the rest of the trip and on Sunday when all your friends and family were paying tribute to your memory at the race in Presidio I would somehow pay tribute the best I could. As it turns out Sunday on my last day in Brazil our group would arrange a trip to the Christ statue in Rio de Janeiro. It is located atop Corcavado Mountain with a 360-degree view of Rio. In all of my travels it is one of the most beautiful, most spectacular awe inspiring views I have ever seen not to mention the 125 foot statue is just as much a symbol of the hope and warmth of the country as it is a symbol of religion. Words don’t even really do it justice. It would serve as the perfect background to pay tribute to your memory. So I brought my orange rose with me and I thought about you and your family and all of our friends at the race for whole ride there and when we arrived I stayed behind the rest of the group and took the 200 something stairs to the top trying to hold back the tears. I was unsuccessful in holding back the tears but when I reached the top a warm feeling rushed through me and the tears stopped flowing. I took a few pictures and left the rose at the foot of the statue. I hope you enjoy the view. I miss the taco pig outs, I miss the stupid movie lines that we would recite together in unison whenever we saw each other or talked and of course I miss you.
Submitted by unknown on 04.04.07

Hiiiii Ashlyn!!! I just wanted to say hi and introduce myself, my name is Anne Wharton..I moved to the south bay recently....some of your wonderful friends were some of the first people I met in the South Bay, I remember I had just met Lindsay when you were hit and she told me so many wonderful stories about you and how much light and positive energy you brought and continue to bring to everyone around you. I went to a Mason Jennings concert soon after, and Linds asked me to call her when Butterfly was on because you love that song (I love it too : ) ) so I held my cell in the air and we danced and danced. Then I met Nick Schneider, he showed me the collage of pictures you made him before he went away to college (so sweet!) and told me how you were both setters and how much fun you are. Then I met more, Adam Buckley, Devon George, Griebs, the list goes on and on they all had such great things to say about you. Point being, the things you have meant to those people, and the things you have tought them, not through preaching but by example continues to live on...not only with them, but their friends like me that didn't have the pleasure of meeting you, but are touched by your legacy. I flew to SF to do the 10K this weekend, I went feeling a little awkward but wanted to do it for you and to support your family and friends. Everyone was soo friendly and accepting and had a great time, I met your mom and your sister, and your mom was wearing the cutest butterfly shirt!! I'm sure you were watching all of us and laughing annnnd I hope you loved the sea of orange running across the bridge on Sunday with a perfect blue sky overhead, it was so amazing to see....I will continue to do it for sure. I guess what I wanted to say is thank you, Ashlyn for being one of those rare people that brings so much light, love, and hope to the world. Your smile and your positive energy continues to spread through your wonderful spirit that has touched so many. The beat really does go on...Much love and butterflies. xo Anne
Submitted by Anne Wharton on 04.03.07

Dear Ashlyn, I have read over all these wonderful stories and everytime a smile comes to my face. My sister I miss coming out to CA and seeing all of you. I was home from Michigan State this weekend and I helped my sister clean out her room. We found a letter that you had written her. My sister and I read it and we couldnt help but have tears of joy because we were so lucky to have you as a cousin. The card you gave her was so cute! It had black and white flowers all over the card. You had written on the front and back of the card telling us about your great trip you had gone on. I think the card was from the store that you and Allyn both worked?! We loved getting all those packages with the cute purses in them from the Bee Hive?! (I believe that is what the store name is..) My sister and I sat in her room and reminisced about all our great times in CA. We remember coming to Allyn's wedding and how wonderful it was to be with everyone. I think about you all the time. Everytime I see a full moon I think about you and your family in California. You were such a great person and you will always remain in my heart. You and your family contiune to be my thoughts and prayers. Love Lauren
Submitted by Lauren Stemberger on 04.02.07

so - 2 of my friends and i decided to run the presidio10...thinking it was a chance to run 10 miles through the city and across the golden gate bridge and have a fun morning. when we go there we saw a sea of orange, still not knowing what it was all about, we just thought 'orange is the new black'. then we started our run...up through crissy field...and past a wonderful memorial....it turned our head, but it didnt 'quite' sink in. it wasnt until we were 34ths of the way across the bridge to where i stopped to read the back of a girls shirt...she quickly covered it (thinking i were strange...) so i continued reading it on the next person...and then finished it on the next. at that point - i realized we were all running for something greater. i grabbed two orange bands passed the finish line....gave one to my 5 year old daughter and kept the other as a memory to find out more about 'ashlyn dyer' on monday. I'm here at work and the first thing i did was looked up 'ashlyn dyer'...what a surprise! i've learned more in an hour on this site than i will the entire week at work. my heart and prayers go out to you, Ashlyn, and your friends and family. i wish i could've met you. needless to say - my friends and i made a commitment to run in support of this foundation from here on out. i'm not a friend...or have a memory...but needless to say, i've and my friends have been touched. peace, love and happiness.
Submitted by dp on 04.02.07

Hey Ashlyn.... I just got back a couple of hours ago from spending the weekend in San Francisco with a bunch of old friends from our High School days, your family and many of your families friends, as well as your friends from college and up in the bay area. Today was the Presidio 10k that was held in your Memory. It was something I felt both honored and compelled to be a part of. You know kid, I have never in my life ran a race of any kind. Simply put, if it didn't include a volleyball or a basketball I wouldn't do it. You passed away a little over a year ago and the memories of you came flooding in and the love and support that poured over every single person you have EVER come across inspired me so much that its changed me. I ran the Hometown Fair 10k for the first time last year and it was done only because of you and the impression you have cemented into my life. I walked 5 or 6 times throughout that race and couldn't walk for a week but it was so worth it and more gratifying because I had an orange shirt on and i was running for you and what you mean to so many people. I woke up this morning put on my shoes went to Chrissy Field. Grabbed a couple of orange wristbands and put one on each hand. I put the hat your Mom gave me the night before on and it was pulled to the end of the line, so to speak, in hopes of fitting my head and as the gun went off I realized it was still to tight for my abnormally large head. I cluthced the hat in my right hand and off we went. As i ran on the Golden Gate Bridge my mind started to wander and a surreal feeling came over me. I was running and focused on not walking and thoughts of you drifted in and out as i thought why i was running on the Golden Gate Bridge. I realized today that I was doing something very special, in the most amazing setting, for one reason and that was for you. I felt like walking and almost did with about a mile to go and I looked at my right hand and I saw the hat I was clutching and that simple color and vision of what would you do and there u were again. I didn't walk I kept going and I share this in detail because Ashlyn as long as I live I will always be inspired to live my life the right way and I will do it in your honor. You see, some people when they pass away its forgotten after a while. With you my dear it will always be different. Your family and friends will never let your spirit fade. Its days like today and what we all experienced that make our lives fulfilling. I want you to know i'm a better person for knowing you and even while you may not be here in flesh you are and always will be here in Spirit and Thank you for being with me and inspiring my life like you have to so so many others. The beat will always go on:) Bruce, Marsha, Allyn, and Taryn thank you for including me and doing so much in Ash's memory. I'll never forget today and I'll always be touched at what you guys have done. Theres good people then there's great people. You all are great in so many ways!! Thank you guys and thank you Ash...
Submitted by Nick Schneider on 04.01.07

Wipe, I was just reading over the stories that people have written, your family, your friends and strangers. My eyes still well up with tears. I really miss you. Your run is today. I am here in Denver, sad that I couldn't be there. RJ is dressed in orange today and when I pulled up your page he said " Mama, Ashyn, pretty" You touch everyone still. My sister ran today for me. I really wish that it could have been me. I know it is a special day for an extremely special woman. I love you. You are never far from my thoughts and always in my heart.
Submitted by kat

Hey Ash, just wanted to say hi. I really miss you. I lie awake in bed some nights and think about Mr. Game Show, breakdowns in Blythe, Spike and the gopher- I always start laughing. I was in Austin last weekend; I think you were there too! The only other time I have ever been to Austin was with you and our AJ’s team Plutonium. I was the smallest and youngest on the team; we were playing at UT and I missed a dig. As we huddled up you looked at me and said “court you gotta get those, I know you can”. I admired your talent so much and didn't want to disappiont you. I knew you would be watching me and mentoring me... I hope you are still watching me and guiding me in the right direction. I felt you this weekend, when “What a Wonderful World” came on the ipod, while we were drifting on Lake Austin. I knew you were with me and it felt good. Love and miss you- court
Submitted by Courtney Hughes

Ashlyn, I 'm sorry its taken me so long...you were one of the first friends I met and made at SC, I'll never forget because you reminded me so much of my best friend from home and even played volleyball like she did. You will never know how comforting your face and smile were- the familiarity made the adjustment a little easier. I adored sharing our journalism classes together as we shared very similar senses of humor and it was nice to spend time away from the usual chaos outside the classroom! Your ability to look at the world and not take it too seriously and still maximize it to the fullest still goes unmatched to this day. I read the journal entries and my heart breaks for everyone whose life you touched -specifically Allyn's. You were adored by all, but especially your big sister. I'm thinking of you, praying for your family and sending a big hug to Allyn today. (I promise to make my next entry really funny- I know that's the way you would want it)...Chapek
Submitted by unknown

While I did not have the chance to know Ashlyn, I am deeply moved by her life and story. Besides a slight age difference :), we share much in common. I grew up in Pasadena, come from a family of all sisters (4), I went to USC (grad school) as did all my sisters. My youngest sister was a DG and graduated from USC the year before Ashlyn started. My parents now live in Manhattan Beach. San Francisco has been my hoem for the past 10 years and I am also very passionate about the outdoors and used to be an early morning runner through and around the Presidio. Most significantly, I was the victim of a hit and run accident in Beverly Hills on July 4, 2005. The car was estimated at traveling 50mph and I was thrown approx 30 feet landing face down on the pavement of La Cienega Blvd. Someone was definitely watching over me because I miraculously survived the accident and believe I have made close to 100% recovery. Unlike Ashlyn, I was blessed to have four of my closest friends with me that night. I spent a year and half recovering from the accident and lived with my family in Manhattan Beach. I had my fourth and, hopefully, final surgery this February, moved back to SF and have recovered over twice as quickly as my doctor anticipated. While I vowed to retire my running shoes, I feel compelled to run the Presidio 10. I came across Ashlyn's story last Thursday and went out for a run for the first time in 20+ months. I will definitely not be setting any time records on Sunday. In fact, crossing the finish line will be enough of an accomplishment! I am recruiting other runners to join the cause and help raise money for the foundation. Ashlyn will be my inspiration when I hit the hills and feel I just can't run anymore! I am very sad for Ashlyn to not be here to run in the race and also to see all of the wonderful letters from her family and friends and the magnificent legacy and spirit she left behind. My thoughts are with your family and friends. I am so sorry for your loss.
Submitted by Devin

Hi Ash, It's 10:00pm on Saturday night and I am at the beach house, alone.... on "vacation" from my family. I probably won't last the whole night, but I am loving my time right now... I am spending it with you. Since you left, things have been so crazy, that I really haven't had the chance. I am going through the files of your life that I so ignorantly organized for mom over a year ago. Some of it is so hard, like your death certificate..."cause of death still pending" (I cry harder just writing that), but some of it so funny and inspiring... your eulogies, e-mails written to you... even your own writing. I feel so close to you, like I could go upstairs and lay down next to you in your bed. You would say something horrible, like, "Al, would you stroke my ponch" (for those who don't know, it means her belly), and I am so grossed out that I get up... you giggle and convince me to hang out and we laugh all night. Right now, I am playing with a box of your matches... they are huge. Of course, I light one, and think about how these are the matches that you used.. to light your fires, candles, or ... Did you touch this one, but it wasn't right, and you left it for me, for this night???? I think you did. I like it here, alone. I know you are here with me. Thank you for spending your Saturday night with me. You'll probably go out, and I'll fall asleep, but I am so grateful for this time. I love you.
Submitted by Your Big Sis, Al

Hey Ash, I cannot believe it has been a year, just like everyone else.... I am going to come home this summer to show my sister around, and I will miss not seeing you and going to lunch like we would when I visited. You were always that friendly face, welcoming me back home, and filling me in on all the local gossip! I started to tell my sister stories about what it was like growing up in Manhattan Beach since she is on her way to college this year, and I started to think of Sand debs and the other things we all did to pass our high school time way and how you always made life fun! I tried to tell Chelsea all about you and I wish that she is inspired by you, and hope you will infuse her with some of the life and energy you had to make it fun for her. I know you are looking out for all of us because we see you everyday. You are wonderful, and we all love and miss you everyday.
Submitted by Emma

Ashlyn, I thought of this song, I listened to it, and I seemed to find your page... Words are flowing out like endless rain into a paper cup, They slither while they pass, they slip away across the universe Pools of sorrow, waves of joy are drifting through my open mind, Possessing and caressing me. Jai guru de va om Nothing's gonna change my world, Nothing's gonna change my world. Images of broken light which dance before me like a million eyes, That call me on and on across the universe, Thoughts meander like a restless wind inside a letter box they Tumble blindly as they make their way Across the universe Jai guru de va om Nothing's gonna change my world, Nothing's gonna change my world. Sounds of laughter shades of earth are ringing Through my open views inviting and inciting me Limitless undying love which shines around me like a Million suns, it calls me on and on Across the universe Jai guru de va om Nothing's gonna change my world, Nothing's gonna change my world. (Across the Universe, John Lennon) Blessed Be to you and your loving family, Rhianna
Submitted by unknown

There was a time back in high school when you and I drove together to San Pedro High School to take the SATs. For some reason, I never forgot when you told me how you keep the volume on the radio so high because you don't want to hear yourself singing. It seemed like such a trivial statement at the time, but it's always stuck with me over the years and I think about it (you) whenever I catch myself singing along, quite loudly (and poorly) to whatever is playing. I can't believe a year has passed since you left this world. I know you're with all of us in spirit, laughing and smiling, and I hope no matter where you are, you've got the volume turned up high and are singing along!
Submitted by Tori

Hi Ash... wow, one year. I have no idea where it even went. As you know, I'm sure, we just got back from San Francisco. I was so terrified to go back, so afraid of how lonely I might feel, so nervous about hearing the sirens of ambulances and fire tucks screaming through the city and wondering if that was what happenend to you. As the plane descended, what used to be excitement and joy at arriving in your beautiful city was replaced with a sinking stomach and chills. What would it be like? How could this city possibly exist withoust you? Well, it dosen't. You are EVERYWHERE. I could feel you and, sometimes, I think, even see you. It wasn't lonely at all, it sort of felt like home. Each step through our past adventures and tours of the city got easier and easier, like you were carrying me and holding my hand. Sunday, the 11th, was my first visit to the sight. Driving up the long curvy road I felt like pulling over, I was so sick to my stomach. But then we got there. It was so much more beautiful and peaceful than I could have ever imagined. Serene. Beautiful butterflies, you, swarmed around us and the sun glittered our faces. You were there, holding my heart, giving me the strength to remember and envison the terrible day one year ago, but also reminding me that you were safe, ever present and happy. Thank you. Now I cannot wait to go back. I want to take Dylan and just get lost in the streets and feel you around every corner. Since he was born, I make jokes about how he will never leave home because he'll always want to be with me, but I've changed my mind. I want him to live in San Francisco. I want him to live with you. I love you Ash. I continue to miss you and cry for my loss, but am so grateful for having been there for your 27 1/2 years... so proud that I was such a part of you, and that you are always such a part of me.
Submitted by Your Bis Sis Al

Ashlyn, first of all let me start by saying i am sorry that I wasn't there last year at the celebration of your life. It is the 14th of March 2007 now, and you have been in my thoughts for more than a year. I have been searching my brain for pictures of you, moments at Thanksgivings at 4th street, memories for me to hold onto so that I won't have to say good-bye. Maybe that's why I couldn't make it to your memorial, selfish, but true, I didn't want to acknowledge that part of the Dyer family that I secretly adopted as my own was now somewhere else. And this time it wasn't Australia... Tonight the air is still, eerily quiet on the streets of Manhattan, no honking cabs, or rowdy neighbors, even the McDonalds across the street has turned off it's lights; and as I close my eyes to call it a day in this beautiful lifetime you walk through the door and say "Hey Heath..." I wake with a start thinking that I am at your house, having toast. You have just returned from volleyball. So vivid is your smile that I sit up and think, maybe are you here still? Are you hiding under Allyn and Justins old window eating ice cream and whispering "Allyn, you home?" through stifled giggles? I miss you. You are so loved. So cherished by so many, and you have touched the lives of everyone that met you. I know that you are at peace and watching over your family, I just wanted to let you know that if I could I would watch over you as well. Love to you always. Heath.
Submitted by Heather Corrigan

Dear Ash, Just like everyone else I cannot believe it's been over a year since you left us, and like everyone else I think about you everyday and miss you and that very special personality that set you apart from most everyone else. I have to share with you a wonderful, strange happening. Marcie and I had Dylan out for dinner at Good Stuff and we put him in a high chair. Things were perfectly normal, eat a bite, watch Dylan, eat a bite pick something off the floor, watch Dylan. Except one of the times that I turned to watch D I saw you. Only for a split second but I saw you. I knew that you were a part of Dylan and would always be in our lives. It made me cry because of you not being here and it made me happy that you would always be with us. You are loved and missed by so many, you touched so many lives during your all to brief stay, thank you for touching mine. Love, Grandpa Rick
Submitted by Grandpa Rick

Hi Ash, I can't tell you how many times I think I have seen you in San Francisco this last year...running by the Golden Gate bridge -- I try to run faster to catch up with you, but then I can't find you. Or I have a dream that you and Allyn and I are back in college, only to wake up, confused, and I have to shake my head a few times to realize it was just a dream. Or I see you walking in front of me downtown; I see your blonde ponytail just in front of me and my heart catches in my throat, only to sink later when I realize it isn't you after all. Or is it? I guess I like to think that you are still here, in this, our adopted city. And you are definitely here today, on this day of all days. Although, very fittingly, it rained on this day last year, you pulled out all the stops today, to make your family love this city as much as you do. The first thing I thought when I woke up was that there is so much sunshine and so much warmth, just like you. We all miss and love you so much...At least we know where to find you though- on that bend, just as it curves south facing the ocean, so many trees around, peaceful, quiet, and so much blue.
Submitted by Lindsey Blenkhorn

To the entire Dyer family - Every day since last March 2nd your entire family has been in our constant thoughts and prayers. We prayed today that you would find some peace while you visited the site of Ashlyn's accident. You have such a beautiful family and you must believe that Ashlyn's spirit is all around. All of our best, Pat and Holly
Submitted by Pat & Holly

Dear Ashlyn..... I too have started to write soo many times - Before finishing, i'd worry ... what is the "right" thing to say? I know there are no perfect words... I know I constantly think of you and your family. It is heartwarming to see all the love and support of so many wonderful friends. I used to think that sharing memories of you would cause pain and sadness...WRONG !!- first time :) - I now know that remembering and sharing stories of time spent with you, is so important to keeping you alive + those recollections so often lead to laughter. The things that will aways stick with us, and what i personally appreciated about you so much, were your "zany antics" your somewhat "unconventional " travels and adventures, your offbeat/spirited clothing choices, and, of course , your original songs and Xmas dinner toast. (I plan for it to be repeated every year !!) Not sure if i should "share"..may be to "outragious" for some?..but hey, it was YOU !! - Everyday i think of you - it doesnt take anything more that seeing the color Orange... it is a color that has become so popular - just as you are. You are missed....You are unforgettable. ---
Submitted by Marcie and Rick

Hey Ashlyn, I've been thinking a lot about you lately. I met you on January 9th of last year here at RE. I only had a chance to get to know you for a short period of time yet I feel this weird connection like I had known you much longer. After listening to your family and friends talk about how you touched people's lives, I'm starting to think that it doesn't seem strange anymore...I thought about you a lot on 2/14. Vday '06 - I came into work (after you of course!) and to my surprise found a homemade card and "Clouds of Love" marshmallow candies that you had carried back from your trip to Europe on my desk. You had beautifully wrapped the sweets in pink and white fabric and your favorite - ribbon! It was so thoughtful. I wanted to keep your tradition going this year so I gave everyone a Valentine's day card and some candies. I didn't do as nice of a job as you but I think people enjoyed it and it put a smile on my face just thinking about you. I still have all of the cards and thoughtful notes that you gave me close to my computer screen so I can remember you everyday. I think about you daily either when I'm drinking my coffee through a straw or when I use my Sharpie pens at work. You use to come into meetings with the Sharpie ink all over your hands and arms. It made me laugh. Remember lunch at the Rotunda? One of your favorite lunch spots. It was my first time there and I'm glad we went. We had a nice talk - about work, life and the future. Lots of hugs and thinking of you.
Submitted by Leslie Tu

Hey Ash. You are always in my thoughts, but today you've been a constant fixture. I've been trying to think of all the fun times we spent together to help relieve the sadness of today. Luckily, there are so many good memories to think about. I actually find myself laughing to myself quite a bit. It's amazing how you have that ability! The kids and I released 3 orange balloons into the air today, just as we did a year ago. Blake was confused about this since I'm usually all over him about holding on to his balloon as tight as he can. I explained that the balloons would float to heaven to meet you and deliver the kisses we sent with them. Every once and a while he and Camryn go outside to see if they can still see them! I hope you got our kisses and know how much we miss you.
Submitted by Meghan Murphy Schaper

Wow! I just stumbled upon an article in the Mercury News today and after a few clicks, I ended up on this site. I spent some time reading about Ashlyn and watched the slide show and just didn't feel like I could leave without saying how truly sorry I am for your loss. I pray that each day brings more peace to each of you; her family, friends and all that knew her. I know your pain and can relate to each and every one of the entries that have been made on Ashlyn's site. My younger brother was killed in a car accident on October 18th at the age of 35. He left behind a wife and daughter (age 5), and a son who was born 7 weeks after the accident. I will keep your family in my prayers.
Submitted by Joetta McFadden

My girl Ash, I can't tell you how many times I have attempted to write something to you... and every time I start, I can't finish; it's just so hard because it makes the reality that you are really gone real! I can not believe it's been a year since you've been gone! A group of us went down to the beach on the 2nd to put flowers in the ocean and watch the sunset and I know you were there in spirit because that sunset was as orange as any sunset I have ever seen. So beautiful!!! Breathtaking! Comforting... I miss you Ash. Not a day goes by where I don't think about you, mention your name in conversation, and remember all the wonderful times we had together! I am so lucky to have known you for the 27 years of your life. You were and continue to be such an inspiration to me and to everyone's lives that you were a part of! The beat does go on... in our hearts everyday!!!! Thank you for being my friend, my family, for all the laughs and memories. Love you!!!! Linds
Submitted by Linds

Dear Ashlyn, We went to your site today and it is beautiful. It is covered with beautiful fresh flowers and lots of love. I can't believe it has been a year; we miss you so dearly. The skies are filled with sunshine, exactly as you would want it. And I know you were there. There were beautiful monarch butterflies at your site, making sure that we knew you were here. We love you Ash, and miss you terribly. Lots of love my precious. Love, Mom
Submitted by Love, Mom

Hey Ash. I woke up with you on my mind this morning. I'm not quite sure if you were in my dream or just there when I awoke, but it was awesome spending the morning with you. For the past week I have been stuck between tears and smiles when thinking of you. I know you want us all to stick with the smiles and I'm trying, it's just hard sometimes. I decided recently that the Ash-o-meter has taken the place of my fun-o-meter. I constantly catch myself asking "what would Ash do" and it gives such a fresh and fun perspective to life. The Ash-o-meter kicked in last week on vacation when initally bailing on renting scooters to tool around the back road, but soon changing my mind after realizing that you would jump on the chance to see the world that way...with wind in your hair and the world right before you. I thought of you the entire time and and am so grateful for having your perspective and joy in my daily life. I love you Cheese and miss you always. Love, Bean Just yesterday I was thinking of our annual Miss America pagent gathering where we'd bet on who would win. You always loved Ms, California, but couldn't resist cheering for Ms. Alabama so you could do you "slammer jammer yellow hammer, give em' hell Alabamer" cheer. I can still hear you!
Submitted by Jill Maynard

Hi Ash, I miss you! Everyone misses you! I saw your parents on Friday, March 2nd, exactly one year after you were hit. We talked about 4th street, about the secret clubs, about you and about the hospital that night. We talked about how you touch so many lives every day and you will continue to do so. I gave them big hugs for you. Ash, there's not a day that goes by when you aren't in my thoughts and there are so many times I see your name in my cell phone and want to call to see what fun things I can invite you to. And while I know you may not be there physically I know you are there when I am shaking it up on the dance floor! Ash, I love you and miss you. Love Always, Jamie
Submitted by Jamie

Love you and miss you everyday Ash.
Submitted by Vern

Hi Ash, Thinking of you so often--at so many different times and places--you just pop into my thoughts. I think about that saying... "you don't have to be old to be extraordinary" ...and I see how many lives you still touch and how much that saying applies to you. I miss you. ........"this is ludicrous, this is asinine..... we're getting back in the car and going back to the house.............you've got a disco ball there.".............
Submitted by Whit

Hey Ash, You creep into my mind at the oddest times and others make a little more sense to me. For some reason, you're usually in my brain when I'm in my closet. Go figure. And at that moment, it's still so weird that you're gone. My brain and my heart have an argument over what is reality. What is amazing is what has been generated by your spirit and your family and everyone you have touched. The Foundation seems to have taken a life of its own. So many people have come together to give and give. Personally speaking being AZ for so long, I've wondered how much I fit in at 4th Street. Since your memorial, there is NO DOUBT of the huge, loving family that is there for me and others. 4th Street is home. My family, specifically, has taken the time to acknowledge each other and honor each other. There is a renewed closeness within the Rahns. Also, you (as well as your sis) have inspired me to challenge myself. The pier to pier swim and the half marathon are things that I never would have dreamed of before. Seeing what you have done, with such passion, has given me the encouragement to go after feats that before seemed unattainable. Now I'm taking on the Ragnar Relay del Sol. Wish me luck and kick me in the pants along the way. So sorry for the yelling at you (and Taryn and Allyn) when I babysat and sorry for stealing the tv remote and taking over the den. I regret that time and life had come between us in the past few years. T or my mom always caught me up on the latest Ash stories. I just assumed we'd catch up to each other. Catch me up the next time I see you. You are one of my three little sisters. I cherish all three of you. I miss you immensely. I love you, Chris
Submitted by Christy Rahn Hart

Hey Wipe, I have had you on the brain lately. First because my mama is in remission! Ever since we found out that she had ovarian cancer I found myself turning to you to protect her and I can't help but think that you did. So thank you for keeping an eye on her. Secondly, Ro is getting married in May and it seems strange that you won't be there. I think of Kimmy's wedding and how we were all downing the red wine taking pictures with our wine stained teeth amidst some classic dance moves and laugh out loud. Good times. I know that you will be there in spirit, but I still miss you. Oh and you will be glad to know I am running the race, yup I am running. So if you will, please help pick up these saddle bags and get my badonk a donk movin'. It isn't going to be pretty but you are worth it:) I love you Ash. Keep up the amazing sunsets, they always make me smile and think of you.
Submitted by Kat

Dear Beej, I was in the city last week and it was such a beautiful day. I thought of you the entire time and knew you were with me as I navigated my way through the narrow streets. The sun was shining bright and my mind was at peace, thinking of you and the impact you left on me when we met over 9 years ago. I used to hate driving into the city from the East Bay because of our memories. Now I can't wait to sit in traffic and cross the Bay Bridge, because I feel so close to you when I am there. My baby was born almost 2 months ago- Olivia Ashlyn Cohen. She is a pistol and I know she has much of you in her. I revel in the fact that I get to think of you every time I look at her, and every time I write her name I feel you with us. I love you and will never stop thinking of you each and every day- Beej.
Submitted by Rachel Coit (now Cohen)

Merry Christmas my princess...I miss you so much. All my love, G
Submitted by gary

Merry christmas Ash! Mom here.... Missing you so much and watching the driveway to see when the cab will be here and you will jump out to surprise us! I think about you and talk to you every single minute of the day...I look to the clouds and heaven know that you are taking care of us. I miss you so much .....i miss you so much..Love, Merry Christmas, Love, Mom
Submitted by mom

Hey Ash, nothing to really report. Just wanted to say hi. Your in my thoughts all the time. I hope heaven is more than words can describe. it makes me smile to know you are there, even though you are so very missed. Please protect your family, they love you so much and need to feel you around them. I know you are. Love to you girl...
Submitted by Paige Nelson

4 hours 45 minutes and 26 seconds. That's the time I felt your presence so strongly with me cheering me on, pushing me to do my best. The morning began at 4am. I watched your video and said a little prayer. At the starting line I cried tears of saddness because I miss you so much but I was also overjoyed because I had worked so hard the past 8 1/2 months for this day. At mile 5 I cried again becuse I knew you were running along the Las Vegas strip with me. My family was waiting for me at mile 10. I couldn't wait to see them because I knew it would give me that lift I needed to keep running but I worried my emotions would get the best of me when I saw my mom. I gave hugs and kisses and headed off when I saw the tears coming to my mom's eyes. And it was more of the same for the next 16.2 miles! At mile 22 I couldn't feel my legs and my feet were pounding with pain, but I wouldn't stop. I wanted to make you proud. I know you were with me in the last 0.2 miles when I felt a huge rush of energy come over me and sprinted to the finish line. Through tears, my mom said it best, the day was somewhat "cleansing". Thank you for inspiring me Ash. And I don't just mean for getting me to run my first ever marathon. But for everything. I was lucky to meet you in Mrs Googleman's kindergarden class and I'm lucky to have you as an Angel watching over me now. I miss you and I love you and I hope I've made you proud.
Submitted by Meghan (Murphy) Schaper

Hi Ash... Tonight we went to the MB Fireworks. Mom and dad flew over for it. As I was watching, I said a little prayer for you and asked if you were watching. I begged that if you were, to show me a sign... anything to let me know that you were thinking of me at least 1/2 as much as I was thinking about you. Just then, the entire sky lit up in orange. I was giddy... I giggled out loud and reveled in our special moment. Thank you Ash, you have NEVER let me down and you have always made me so proud to be your sister. I am still smiling...
Submitted by Your Bis Sis Al.... again

Hi Ash.... Me again. So, we're floating along without you... trying to get through all of the firsts without you...fourth of July (check), your birthday (check), Thanksgiving (check).... everyone says that the firsts are the hardest, but I don't know if that's true. Things just seem to be getting harder and harder. I find myself waking up in the middle of the night panicking.... missing you so badly that I cannot even breathe. I go Christmas shopping and I see something nice, and I think, "oh, that's perfect, I'll get it for Ash..." Then I remember, and the crack in my broken heart grows a little deeper. It is so lonely here without you. Thanksgiving was nice, not too strange to be celebrating in different spots... but I guess I kept waiting for the phone to ring so I could hear you belt out your cheesy rendition of "This is the best Thanksgiving, friends and neighbors stopping by, we'll share the turkey wishbone, you and I, together..." That song was so annoying, but you made it so fun and so special. Like I said in my toast on your birthday, " I miss you every minute of every day, but know that you are with me every second." Happy turkey day, late, Ash... and if you figure out a mailing address for Heaven, let me know, because you are getting hooked up this year. I love you so much.
Submitted by Your Big Sis, Al

I remember when Ashlyn was born. I loved when Marsha would let me hold her. I remember how she was so loved by Marsha and Bruce. I was reading some of the stories that her friends wrote about her, and how she is always smiling and even no i did not know Ashlyn as a young woman, i can totally remember her always smiling when she was little. I grew up on 4th street and am glad that i still have those memories of the whole Dyer family. I always knew she would grow up to be a beautiful girl because her mom is so beautiful. I remember that picture of her in those cowboy boots. I am so glad she has so many loving friends. Although i did not stay in touch with the Dyer family, i was extremly saddened by her passing and i will always remember her as being very young and very beautiful.
Submitted by Kimberly Sayring

...I am thankful that I had the honor of knowing Ashlyn and that she still shines bright in so many peoples lives...Happy Thanksgiving :)
Submitted by unknown

Hey Cheese. It's Bean. I know you know, but you are in my mind and dreams constantly. You enter my thoughts daily and at the oddest of times...grinding coffee in the morning, walking home from work and just today when I was pruning house plants. I recently dreamed that I was at a Farmers Market and you were there selling homemmade bread and wearing a huge bakers cap...with a huge smile, of course. There was so much sweetness and happiness in seeing you, but I am just missing you so much today and the whole state of Alaska isn't big enough to fill your absence. I was recently home in Phoenix and everytime I walked outside and saw your old 4th Dr. house and I was filled with the greatest of memories of your flamingo puke ceiling, rocking out to house party II in your bedroom and you stealing the "to the beach" sign once you moved. Those memories are as precious as they come by and I am just so happy to have you with me daily. You're the best Ash and I love you deary.
Submitted by Jill Maynard

The holidays are rolling in and I find myself missing you so much. This year has presented me with a lot of challenges. You, my mom's cancer, Kim. And through it all I find myself taking to you to get me through it. You have always been a great listener and one I can count on. So thanks for still listening. I miss you and love you.
Submitted by Kat

I just want you all to know that Ashlyn and your whole family have been in my thoughts and most of all my prayers. Although I haven’t seen her since our Madison Meadows days I don’t think, I have thought about her many times the last few months. I have been involved with a running group called Team in Training. Just knowing what a talented runner Ashlyn was made me think of her on many runs. In this group we are trained to run marathons and half marathons in return for raising money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. While many of the stories people share are involving cancer, I remember sharing Ashlyn’s story at the beginning of our season and stressing that everyone should say a prayer for you all and encouraging everyone to purchase id’s to put on their shoes. Last weekend the team went to San Francisco and ran in the Nike Women’s Marathon. It was a wonderful event and was such a celebration of women! I told my mom, I am sure we will see some orange shirts and some that say “Running for Ash”. While I didn’t see any of those shirts there was a point in the race where we were near the Golden Gate Bridge, the sun was just beginning to rise and we were starting to go up a big hill. I felt compelled to say a prayer for Ashlyn and your whole family. I know this must have been an incredibly difficult few months and I just wanted you all to know that there are so many that are still thinking about you and praying for you!
Submitted by Terese Dynjan

Happy, happy birthday Ash! Please take Kim under your wing & show her the ropes. I know you two are already hitting it off. Maybe even peppering by now. Love you both, your friend always...
Submitted by Paige

Happy Birthday! Love you, miss you.
Submitted by Doug

Hi Ash. You are on my mind all the time, especially today. When I can't sleep at night I write to you in my journal. I talk about our families and our friends. It can be difficult sometimes but when that happens I think about you winning the "belly flop" contests when we were little and how you would smack the water so incredibly hard. That puts an instant smile on my face. I have been swimming laps at PCC - it reminds me of you and relaxes me. I have tried to get into running but seriously it is just not my thing. In fact I dread it, maybe one day I will find peace in it the way you did. I miss you and love you. October 24, 2006
Submitted by Courtney Hughes

Happy Birthday Ash...I am sure you are celebrating among Angels.
Submitted by Vern

Hey Ash, I have been thinking about you a lot lately. I was just looking at my wedding photos from 2 years ago. And who else is pretty much in all the dancing photos...you, allyn, taryn, marsha and bruce (my second family). I am writing you to say hello. This may be a total shocker to you, but I have been trying to run a couple times a week. I listen to my ipod and there is one special song on my mix that makes me get through the run. It is the Butterfly song. You have truly inspired me. I never knew you were such a poet. This month marks my mothers 2 year anniversary of when she was diagnosed with cancer. You wrote my mother the most beautiful letter. I wanted to thank you because I truly believe that your support and your family's support had a huge impact on getting her through the pain. I know my mother keeps that letter close to her heart. Anyway, I wanted to say thanks for being such an inspiration to many and especially me and my family. We miss you...
Submitted by Jodie Thinnes

Ashlyn was two years younger than me at Mira Costa, but I distinctly remember her. How could you not? There was something special about her, even then. I think it was her smile and the way she had of speaking to you. I haven't seen her in a couple of years, not since my USC days. When I got the news of her death, it was like a shot to the gut. (I wept for a long time.) Thinking back, I remember having lunch with her one day at commons when I first transferred to USC (this was about 1998). I was new to campus (I think it was probably the first few weeks of school) and she was a familiar face from Mira Costa. She gave me the lowdown on greek life at USC (I think I was pledging at the time) and we talked about random stuff (music, friends, etc). I can honestly say, if there was one person who inspired me then, it was her. (I majored in cinema-television at USC and Ashlyn seemed to think I was the next Steven Spielberg.)My first directorial effort is dedicated to her. Anyway, it was comforting to see Ashlyn around campus, or in Manhattan Beach,(usually running down on the strand) and of course, on the 4th of July. I last heard from Ashlyn about a year and a half ago. She was hanging out with a mutual friend of ours from USC, a girl in the Kappa house, and she left a giggling message on my cell phone (it was late, I suspect they were drinking). And she said something like, "hey, It's Ashlyn Dyer. Remember me?" And of course I did. And still do. You remain an inspiration, Ashlyn. The orange bracelet on my wrist reminds me of that every day. May you continue to inspire others...
Submitted by Sascha Ciezata

So the 2006 Six Man took place last weekend and there was something very special about this year. As I walked down the stairs and too our team's tent on Saturday morning I noticed the color Orange almost immediately. I passed my friend Brent Griebenow who was sporting a orange hat in memory of you Ash. I then walked over too Adam Buckley's team where 15 or so of our good friends were all clad in Orange shorts and Orange accessories in memory of Ash. As I gazed across the beach maybe 6 courts away I Noticed a handful of Orange umbrellas popping up. I knew immediately that those umbrellas were for you and that the girls holding the umbrellas were indeed your girls, your spirit. I play for 12th Street/Sangria these days and as Sunday came and we kept winning I could feel my legs getting tired and my body tightening. I think that we connected so well in our old high school playing days because we both were setters, not the tallest on the court, but, we both played with a ton of fire and wore our hearts on our sleeves. You made me a collage when i left for college and there were pictures of you and I and our friends like Adam and Tex and Ro. As I took the court Late Sunday in the Winner's bracket final and the body was tired I needed a source of strength. I looked around the crowd of spectators before the ref blew the whistle and the crowd was electric. As I stood in the right back position getting ready to run in and do what I do, what we both grew up trying to perfect(setting) i looked down on my right wrist and there it was. There came a burst of energy, a moment where I thought of you and what you meant while you were here to so many people and what you and your spirit has done and will do for so many people for so so many years to come. I thought of how you would play. I said to myself," relax, have fun, and just go out and play." Although we didn't win the game we did get 3rd out of 80 teams Ash... I wear an orange bracelet in memory of you ever since you passed away and from the show of people at this years 6 Man who wore Orange in your memory as well as the many people all over the world that you have touched your Spirit will never go away. I know an angel was watching over me in that last game and I just wanted to thank you... Nick Schneider
Submitted by Nick Schneider

Hey Ash, So the Six-Man tournament is coming up. Not long ago you and I talked about going as Madonna's "Hung up" protégés this year. We envisioned purple leotards, sweatbands, cut-off tights and boom-boxes, a la 1982. But the thought of not having you there, made the tournament seem empty and cheerless. How would we ever go out in some silly costume if you weren’t there to get the fire started? But the more we thought about it, the more we knew you wouldn’t want us to abandon a tradition that has been going strong since our 1995 debut. The truth is, we need the Six-Man. It’s a part of us and a part of your memory. It’s our way to hold on to a different time; a time when we would spend all day laughing in the sand without a care in the world. It’s our way to come together as a team to honor and remember our dear friend. But most of all, the Six-Man will be our way to hold on to your spirit, your laugh, and your smile. And so, for you Ash, the beat will go on…with you in our hearts, the beat will go on. Love you dancing queen. Love, the Girls of El Gringo
Submitted by Tex

Ashlyn, you stood out no matter where you where. Especially at 'SC. You were different from everybody else in the most wonderful way. It's like you could hear a sweet song or a whisper that we couldn't, and see something hopeful that we just didn't see yet. I remember when you were dating one of my friends and someone said, "She's too good for him," I wondered who WOULD be able to match you are without becoming a tutor. You really are a tutor for us all. The world will always need people who are 'a little ahead of the game' to help guide us. Few people have the capacity to go beyond all distractions and focus on what is most important. Thank you for your full life. For always making us feel important and loved. Your life lives on in us. It really does.
Submitted by c

Contributing to a page like this, above a decade’s absence, is not just a hard thing to do, but a hard thing to decide upon. I’ve been watching this site since it’s creation. I’ve wanted to say but what was there to? Do I even have a right to talk about Ashlyn after all this time? Does one even know someone when the knowing ceased after junior high? The answer must be yes. Of course it must. I’ve just finished watching the special about Ashlyn on Geraldo. Seeing Bruce and Marsha was like childhood. I expected my own parents to walk by at any moment, Ashlyn too, just like those summer we spent with the Dyer family in Manhattan Beach. The segment where Bruce and Marsha walk, holding hands down 4th Street reminded of the single time I saw my parents do the same. It was just past sunset on that same perfect street. Enough background though, here’s the story. My family had just pulled into the 4th Street neighborhood. I must have been ten or twelve, full of vinegar and unearned pride, because when a passing car full of Big Wednesday wannabes hollered out, GO HOME ZONIES!, I reacted, or at least wanted to. It was my first true lust for vengeance. But I was after all, and still am (proudly), a ZONIE. I have come to understand where those evil nimrods were coming from anyway. No one likes an intruder. Intruders litter. Intruders steal parking spots. But enough of that, back to the story. After settling in at the Dyer home I found Ashlyn and her girlfriends at the beach. Not knowing any better (due to the self-confessed regional handicap) I walked a good half block of sand in tennis shoes before Ashlyn could grab my arm with a scolding smile and lead me off the beach. Not that she was embarrassed by her friend from the desert with sandy footwear, no sir. She simply wanted to protect me from any scars a group of beautiful, laughing local girls might inflict upon a young man as impressionable as myself. After reaching the boardwalk, Ashlyn threw on flip flops and we made a good day of it. Strange to have been detached all these years. Now I think of her all the time. My desk is platform to much quirkiness. Doodads. Uplifting weirdness. Amongst them is an orange bracelet with a name. At first my eyes cross it and I become saddened and a little scared. But then a smile. I remember the girl always laughing, always up to something, always wanting more life to give, more to take. A decade and I am sure if we’d remained friends, Ashlyn would have been one of my people. She had that thing. Revisited: She has that thing. She has.
Submitted by Jimmy Kober

Ashlyn, it's been four months but you continue to radiate my thoughts and my days sometimes so strong I can't believe it. Especially since moving back to San Francisco I feel like you are everywhere. At your services they said we would all see reminders of you in our daily lives and this has proven so true. When I'm walking down Union street or around the Marina I see a special person with a sparkle in her eye like you laughing, or with such passion and excitement like you. I love how you used to listen and say "Yeah!" There was nothing dull about you. I remember seeing you and Andy one day walking around the Marina and I knew it was you when I saw the leopard coat from 2 blocks away. I think about you and how you lived every day to its fullest. I am committed to living not just for the days in my life, but the life in my days, thanks to you. I am so grateful for ever having the time with you that I did. We all miss you. You continue to be my idol.
Submitted by Erica Bliss

Ashlyn, even though I have never met you I feel that I know you from seeing pictures and reading stories about you on your website. I am also a runner. I was hit by a car back in September of 1994. I was about 18 yrs old at that time and to this day I still do not remember the actual accident. It was a horrible experience and recovery but I am a better person for it today. I truly believe everything in life happens for a reason. I wish I could have known you since you seemed to be a wonderful and caring person. I commend you for taking part by running in marathons. I have never done that even though I have been running for a long time. I guess I just run to help me with stress and it is my escape from everyday life. Unfortunately I suffer from PSD from the accident and now I have to take medication for the rest of my life. I never complain about it since I was lucky to get that second change from God. I know you are in a good place considering our time on earth is so short. I will continue to run but ever since my accident I run on the treadmill now. I hope your story will also provide important information to other runners so they are aware of the dangers of running near the street. Well I enjoyed reading about you and looking at your pictures. I wish your family peace through your loving pictures and memories. - TCK
Submitted by TCK

Dear Ash, Where do I start... you have been gone for 3 months and I am still so numb. It just doesn't seem real, I keep waiting for you to call or show up. I want you to know that I think of you at least 100 times every day, and if I am not crying because of it, I am laughing out loud...especially now that I am starting to remember stories of my own as the fog is beginning to clear that clouds my mind, heart and soul. Just the other day I was in the shower at the beach house, and I remembered one of the many ways you used to drive me crazy. You were the best at that, as you know, no one could get under my skin like you, but I guess that is because no one knew me like you. I was remembering when you would play your "you're picturing it" game, usually just reserved for me. You would pick something horrible to bring up, for example (sorry mom and dad) our parents having sex. I, of course, would be horrified and tell you to stop, and you would just laugh and say "you're picturing it, you're picturing it..." I would get so frustrated, but eventually could not help but laugh. You found a million opportunities to inflict this torture on me. What I wouldn't give for a round of it right now... But, I can say, Ash, I think of you in Heaven and all that you have become now, and "I'm picturing it, I'm picturing it..." and it is beautiful. I love you. Love, Al P.S. When my little Dylan is smiling into the light, is he smiling at you? I thought so.
Submitted by Allyn Dyer Leoff, Your Big Sis

You and I went to Mira Costa High School together, and I wish that we had had the opportunity to become friends. Thank you Ashlyn, for reminding me, in the tragedy of your death, how beautiful life is, and how I should try my best to live each day as if it is the best day that ever was. Life is so precious. Thank you for reminding me how vital it is to create my own happiness, regardless of external circumstances, and to live my life to the fullest. Thank you for blessing me with the lesson to squeeze the juice out of life, like your favorite color orange - in all it's vibrancy and health. You radiated life and love, as your family and friends attest to, and your pictures and journal entries reflect. It is through your beautiful life, not your untimely death, that you will be remembered. I honor you and I thank you.
Submitted by Rhianna Brandt

One thing that I remember about Ashlyn at Mira Costa was the incredible way in which she treated everyone around her. An example that stands out in my mind is seeing her dance with special education students at a homecoming dance. Even though everyone else was too "cool" to even acknowledge them, Ashlyn went right up, created a dance circle, and showed them some moves. Seeing the smiles she brought to their faces is something I will never forget. Her gesture brought a touch of joy to the lives of those who needed it most. At an age when almost all teenagers are insecure, immature, cruel, and make fun of those who are different, Ashlyn proved that cliqish high school behavior was beneath her, and instead showed kindness and compassion towards everyone. She treated everyone with dignity, care, and respect, no matter who they were. Although the standard she set is quite high, we should all learn from Ashlyn's Legacy and try to treat people they way she did. Following her example will help others create joy and make this world a better place, just like she did.
Submitted by James Peetz

I played club volleyball with Ashlyn. I will never forget when she came to play at South Bay. She had just moved to the area, and you could tell she was from somewhere else. She was different, a breath of very fresh air! I soon learned that it wasn’t just because she wasn’t from the area that she was different, it was because, she was “Ashlyn”. I remember her always lessening the stress and making teammates as well as the coaches laugh out loud all the time. She was always encouraging and inspiring. I have thought of her often since volleyball and always wished we had kept in touch. My sister is having a baby soon, she called me a little while back and asked me what I thought about the name “Ashlyn” I immediately thought of Ashlyn. I told her that I loved the name. The only person that I know with that name is a girl named Ashlyn Dyer. I told my sister about Ashlyn, and in saying what a beautiful spirit she was, I remembered how full of life she was, and how she always made my day brighter. I smiled then laughed and said, I really wished we stayed in touch. A few days later, I heard the sad news. I am so sorry for the loss of such a truly unique beautiful person. My thoughts and prayers are with you Marsha, Bruce and the rest of your family. The feeling of Ashlyn’s spirit is something that I will never forget, something that never fades. A beautiful energy, a kind heart, and a spirit that will live on for so long, in so many people and places. I thank God, for giving me the chance to know her, she has enriched my heart and soul in ways she never knew, and in ways that will stay with me for the rest of my life.
Submitted by Amber Holton

Last year at the 'world' famous 6-Man Volleyball Tournament, our team of 12 years decided we would reinvent ourselves as Hamptons finest and title our get-ups and attitudes as, "Hampton Hussies'. With neon tunics, VERY low cut one peice suits, giant hats, plastic martini glasses, Virginia Slims 200 and platform heels...we undoubtably served them justice. Running back and forth throughout the day from Shellback to our appropriate court was beginning to become more and more tiring. Adopting the army's policy 'never leave a man behind', those who couldn't get off the bar stool...were helped to the court by the time the warm-ups had ended. In doing so, accessories were lost, hats were traded and shoes were donated to the needy. Ashlyn, became one of the needy. With Ash in tow we reached the sand. I was wearing a partial uniform and Ash almost in full attire was however missing her shoes. The slogan ringing in my head, I gave Ash my right foot platform and we set off to walk on the hot sand, arm and arm, one shoe each, to our court. The day finally came to an end (or at least the part where we aren't at the beach anymore) and Ashlyn had gathered her stuff together and left to go eat. I however, was straggling behind. I gathered my things together and as I approached the strand I threw my platforms down and noticed wonderful Ash had not only left me A shoe...but left me HER left shoe. I wasn't mad I had to walk 12 blocks with 2 left feet...but laughed hysterically because I KNOW she did it on purpose! Ash...I walked all 12 of those blocks with 2 left feet...I have the scars to prove it. It was all worth helping you my friend...and the laugh! Miss you, love you and will walk for you always! ps...I got your wood & fire!!!
Submitted by Paige Nelson

I am not sure that this constitutes as a story, but as all of us girls have began to plan for the 6-man volleyball tournament in Ashlyn's honor, we have shared our grief, our love and memories of Ash. What I have found is that she was not only a daughter, a sister, a grand daughter, an aunt and a friend, but she is beautiful, mystical, inviting, enchanting, amazing, loving, courageous and inspiring. She is a leader, a confidant, a source of freedom and energy and light. Ash is the best person that we have ever known and this world is better for having had her in it. We all love you, Ashwipe and think of you everyday. You are an angel and we miss you.
Submitted by Kathryn Salazar

An African proverb states "It takes a village to raise a child", and accordingly, Ashlyn is one of my many 4th St. brothers and sisters. Ashlyn's celebration on the walkstreet once again strengthened my love and reverence for an amazing and unique community, something that few have the chance to experience in these modern times, unfortunately. She was the personification of what we 4th St. locals hold dear: happiness, uncompromising friendship, and beauty, that always was comfortable and familiar, no matter how long the gap between visits was. The last two times I saw Ashlyn, she was THE face in the crowd, meaning of all the faces, it was her eyes, dancing and laughing that stood out, captured my gaze and caused me to smile. And when we finally got together, it was like we had never been apart.
Submitted by Eric Lyman

I don't remember Ashlyn very well (from Xavier freshmen year of high school) but she was the person who resulted in me going to Glendale YMCA's Camp Fox on Catalina Island in 1994 with several other Xavier girls. I returned as a camper the following year, then as a counselor for many years, and now a camp director for the past 5 years. I am so grateful that I breifly crossed paths with Ashlyn because Camp Fox has shaped the woman I have become and I have had the privelge of contributing hundreds of volunteer hours back to Jr. High and High School campers for the past 10 years. Currently I work as a Liver Transplant ICU nurse at UCLA and I am so overjoyed to hear that Ashlyn and her family gave the incredible gift of life to so many waiting for various organs.
Submitted by Lindsey Johnson

Every fourth of July myself and kelli synder would go on the walk street and play for hours with Ashlyn. The whole intire time we played a smile never left her face. After we would go in her house and play with her and her sisters. Every summer I spent many days in that house with Ash. It is going to be tough with out her there to play with us, even though her soul remains on that walk street.Ash was a great and memorible person. We miss you Ash, yo were the best!!!
Submitted by Paige Olson

Ashlyn continues to be such an inspiration to me. From the time I moved to Manhattan Beach to recent months in San Francisco, she was always doing something fun. I remember when the Dyers moved back to Manhattan Beach and I was so amazed at how easy it was for her to make friends so quickly and become the class president. Always dancing and having fun, those are my memories of Ashlyn. Ashlyn was so comfortable, it was always casual. Whether it was a year or a month since we last saw each other there was never awkwardness. I think that was always the case for Ashlyn and whoever she was around. At the Slackstring concert last year we sat backstage and reminisced about 4th Street memories - oh the days... 4th of July games, Boogie Board Contests, our parents' parties, your "secret clubs". You are beautiful and I will continue to aspire to be like you and get out there and make things happen. Ash, I love you and miss you so much, you are in my thoughts always.
Submitted by Jamie Ziskin

Ashlyn always made me laugh! She always made me feel good about myself. She always made me feel funny. She always made me feel important. She always made me smile. She always took the time to ask me “how are things, What’s new?” She listened, and cared. She always had a great story. She was always training for an event, or planning an adventure. She was always getting promotions and raises. She loved music. She was the first to start dancing. She loved clothes. She loved orange. She always looked beautiful. She was confident. She made friends with strangers. She welcomed people with open arms. She always made room for everyone. She loved the beach. She loved holidays. She loved her family more than life itself. She loved her friends, and she always made sure we knew it. Ashlyn, thank you for being perfect. I love you and miss you.
Submitted by Doug Weems

Growing up I was so very fortunate to be a part of the extended family that came to be known as "The 4th Street Gang" where Ashlyn grew up. However, I moved out of my parents home 31 years ago, and never really got to know Ashlyn that well. On my visits back home I re-call watching the Dyer girls playing out front, and through the years, observed them maturing into the wonderful women they are today. On my visits back to 4th Street, my parents often talked about the Dyer's and spoke so proudly of Ashlyn, Allyn, and Taryn's achievments, as if they were their own children. Our families have been very close throughout the years, but it was from these stories that I really came to know the Dyer family and how very much they are a part of our family. For once I am at a loss for words. The outpouring of friends that showed up at 4th Street after the memorial service is only one testimonial as to how Ashlyn touched those that came into her life. Whether it be close friends and family, or as simple as saying a few kind words to a stranger, Ashlyn seemed to be able to touch the core of those she came in contact with. Ashlyn, whether you realize it or not, you are still passing your gifts on to others. I know that you are out there, and you will never be forgotten. Love to the Dyer's, to all those that shared in a part of Ashlyn's life, and to my family as well.
Submitted by Jim Rahn

My favorite running story about Ash was when we decided we were going to go for a run very early in the morning, and before we both headed off on our separate ways for our busy day that was in front of us. We woke up to a crazy storm that included rain that seemed to be coming from a fire hose, and winds that I thought were going to blow the windows in. Oh, and it was 4:30 in the morning. Enough for me to decide I just received a pass for an extra hour plus of sleep. Nope, Ashlyn said "Let's go". "Grab your rain coat, and let's go" I was so amazed that she was so serious, that I did just as she instructed. Away we went, and about 90 minutes later we finished our run that was absolutely insane. Later that day, I learned that we had just ran through one of the worst storms in recent memory in the Bay Area. Funny, it didn't bother Ashlyn in the slightest. Ashlyn had an ability to focus, and percevier like no one I have ever met. Ashlyn was an Allstar right out of the gate. God Speed Ashlyn
Submitted by Brian Wilhite

Ashlyn was one of the first people I met when I moved into the dorms at SC our first year. She was instantly friendly and really made my transistion from Texas that much less scary. Since I was so far away from home I thought going through Rush and joining a sorority would be a good way to make friends and have a "family" in my new city. I was thrilled when I was asked to join Kappa Kappa Gamma and even more so when I learned Ashlyn was in my pledge class. That first year she really helped me get through a lot of hard times and homesickness- as well as laugh as much as possible! One day we were all painting the lion statues in front of the SAE house (it is a KKG tradition to paint them blue) and two of the guys ran out to grab me and "corndog" me as I was told it was called- this wonderful act constituted getting doused with the hose and then rolled in sand- and one of them picked up my legs, but the other guy forgot to grab my shoulders and down my head hit the pavement. I was rushed to the emergency room and ended up having a concussion. Back in the dorms, Ashlyn was so quick to be there for me and to help me- she was so great that she even called my mom back in Houston to tell her what was going on and that she would take good care of me! My mother never forgot that and loved Ashlyn from then on! Ashlyn and I used to run around the SC campus together every morning that year too- she was the best running partner to have. I moved back to Texas after college and had not seen Ashlyn in 5 years now, but I will never forget the wonderful years I had with her and all the memories that I can treasure forever. She made me a better person and enriched my life more than she will ever know. I am getting married in September and I am sad she will not be there to celebrate with me and the other Kappas from our pledge class, but she will be there in spirit and of course in my heart.
Submitted by Rebecca Redden

Eighth grade can be pretty intimidating, especially when youre at a new school. But Ashlyn Dyer made my year at Meadows so much easier. She was so welcoming and friendly, and such a beautiful person, inside and out. I never forgot Ashlyn, even after she moved away. And although I hadnt spoken with her in almost ten years, I was just telling a friend about her recently. My daughter was born January 11th, and we named her Ashlyn. When people asked me where I got the name, I told them I named her after my friend in 8th Grade, Ashlyn Dyer. Even though I wasnt that close to Ashlyn, she made a tremedous impact on my life. She was truly a phenomenal person; I will always look at my daughter and think of her. She will be missed. My thoughts and prayers are with the Dyer family.
Submitted by Hillary Hassett Moore

I remember first moving on to my walkstreet and everything was new. Ashlyn was the first friendly person i met. Ashlyn and I had connected somehow and we became freinds right away. The next summer was the best. One day Ashlyn was out on the street bumping a volleyball, i had only played volleyball once in my life and i thought it might be fun to learn more.Over the next couple weeks everytime Ash and I were outside hangin out we practiced volleyball and soon i was a natural. Ashlyn is an AMAZING athelete and has a heart of gold. Ash we love you and miss you!
Submitted by Kelli Snyder

As one of the 5 standing members of the Berkeley Dinner Club (the DC as we called it), hundreds of stories of Ashlyn come to mind. There’s no need to get into details because if you weren’t there to live it with us no story could do those memories justice. Still, no matter what we were doing – driving to Marin to partake in a Chili Cook-off, dancing (while Andy rocked out) to Destiny’s Child, making build-your-own-pizzas, passing around the “DiMaggio” and enjoying all of the nastiness that it contained, testing out the new scented soaps from Cost Plus, or shopping for random old-fashioned dinnerware – Ash insured that we always had a good time. I’ve had very few friends who I’ve laughed harder with one minute and cried even harder the next. We were lucky enough to share the aftermath of September 11th together. At a time where all you needed was family by your side the 5 of us were stuck in Berkeley with no one but each other. We were confused, frightened, heart-broken, disappointed and angry. We took all of those emotions and we gave them the attention they deserved and then we decided to “eat, drink, dance, and be merry. We celebrated life American style!” At least, that’s how Ashlyn described that evening in her DC journal. I was blessed to have my DC family to get me through that time! And today, I can’t stop thinking about how blessed I’ve been to have known Ashlyn Dyer. To have learned from her, laughed with her, cried with her, and loved her. Her legacy continues in all of us who look up at the sun in the morning and see it shine a little brighter. We’ve decided to laugh a little harder, act a little sillier, run a little faster, and live for the moment! Thanks, Ash. I’ll never forget you and I’ll certainly never stop missing you!
Submitted by Nicole (Bals)

My name is Wayne Brauchler. Im a Firefighter from Illinios. I own a little condo in AZ. I took running up as a hobby about 3 years ago. Last January I ran the PF Chang marathon in AZ. I told my friends and family I was going to do it. I did not invite anyone to watch me it was personel. Before I started I was in-line to use the porta potty that where I met this blonde haired girl. I told her this was my 3rd time in this line. She laughed and said nerves or to much water? I told her this was first marathon and she said good luck and I will be fine. And offered other words of encouragement. I joked about her low bib number and said easy for her to say. I just thought it was nice she said good luck. I ran the marathon did not get my goal. While I was running the marathon. I was looking at the friends and family of other runners and regretted that I did not invite anyone to come. When I crossed the finish line It was very emotional. Now with all the people that ran the marathon I bumped into that blonde girl again. She asked me how did I do,I told her I did not get my goal But I know what I have to do for Chicagos marathon. She looked at me and applauded and said good job. And offered more kind words. I came home and told all my friends and family about the marathon. I was telling people I like being around that atmosphere,I said runners are nice people. When I would say that about the nice people, I was talking about that blonde girl. Especially with not having anyone there to support me and to bump into this girl twice before and after who was just so nice. I’m back in Arizona now for a vacation. I was sitting at a starbucks out here on 3/19 and I see this picture of a pretty girl who passed away. I read it and I have been in shock since. I came back to my condo got on-line and went to the pictures of the marathon entered her name and it was her. Im so very sorry. I can't beleave it. So full of life and just so nice. Now I have a name for that blonde haired girl. I just want you to know she touched a guy from Chicago and I did not even know her.
Submitted by Wayne Brauchler

Dear God, Please pray for my Mommy and Daddy's friend Ashlyn. Can you please say hello to her from me and ask her if she is having fun up there in Heaven. Can you please tell her to let me know what GOD looks like and for him to come and stop by some time?
Submitted by 5 year old Jack McLaughlin

A story immediately came to mind when I saw this section of the site. I questioned whether it was appropriate to share, but the event captures Ashlyn's personality so perfectly that I couldn't not share it. I hope you find it as funnay as I did and still do. Ashlyn, Cameron, Mary, Jill and myself were shopping at Scottsdale Fashion Plaza as we did just about every weekend. We did our usual. Shopped a little, had some lunch, and headed to the Sweet Factory for a bag of gummy chilis and sour licorice. It wasn't a day out of the ordinary...until Ashlyn was inspired to have a little fun! She turned on Mary (or maybe it was Cameron) and at the top of her lungs yelled, "You slept with my boyfriend? How could you do that to me? You're supposed to be my friend." And she walked away with all of us staring, mouths wide open, not exactally sure how to react to the scene! Did I mention we were thirteen at the time! And that was a day spent with Ash. You weren't exactally sure what to expect, but you knew you were always in for a good time. Thanks for all the fun Ashlyn. I love you, Meghan
Submitted by Meghan Murphy Schaper

Dyer of Dignity Crying eyes For our setting Sun. How can I feel Like I won? Your laughter echoes In ocean tides. Your spirit sways By our sides. Your fire flames Burn alive. Ashes float to the ground I can feel you all around. Sorrow slowly dissipates Dawn’s dew evaporates. Our precious breath Has come and gone. Give us strength To hold on. Your laughter will carry through the years You spirit lifts some of the tears. American Girl- you lived so strong, You gave your heart, our trophy We won. In loving memory of my dear friend Ashlyn Dyer. I love you- Courtney Hughes
Submitted by Courtney Hughes

Ash - Thanksgiving and Christmas will never be the same without you. We will miss your humor, smile, laugh, and generosity. We will always remember you drinking wine with Courtney out of the biggest goblet (fills a whole bottle) vases we have ever seen. You, Allyn, Taryn, Marsha and Brucey are family to us. We love you.
Submitted by Jodie & Nathan Thinnes

USC is a school chock full of talented, pretty...and ussually blonde ;) girls. But Ashlyn stood out in *any* crowd. When I first met her, our sophmore year at SC, I knew she was someone really, really special. She had this unique spirit and this energy that made her instantly unforgettable. I've heard it said many times in the last couple weeks, but truly- this girl lit up every room- effortlessly. Ashlyn danced to her own beat, and was always more than happy to invite you to dance along.
Submitted by sara

After college I had the oppurtunity to leave the South Bay. I spent four years living and traveling between Washington, Oregon, and finally San Francisco. It was rare that I ran into friends from Manhattan, But when Slackstring was playing in town, I knew It would bring out the Costa kids. At the show I ran into Jaime Ziskin and Ashlyn Dyer. It was great to see some true friends from my past, and it was like we had just hung out yesterday. Ashlyn and Joe carelessly took the dance floor to "sun again will shine". Today speaking with Eric Lyman he was excited that I had photos from that night, it was the last time he would see Ashlyn. Then one month ago as I was eating at My finace's restaurant and as I was leaving I saw Allen, Justin and Ashlyn. I tried to introduce my Fiance to them but she was to busy with tables. My Fiance wishes now she had spent the time to meet Ashlyn especially after attending the memorial with me and hearing the words I spoke of Ashlyn reverberated ten fold. Every day I drive thru the Presidio, and I always see the beauty. That Beauty now reminds me of Ashlyn's enchanting smile, warming spirit and I remember the words from the Memorial, "what would Ashlyn do"
Submitted by Ron

I have so many fond memories at the Dyer residence. Wagon Wheel Drive... and what was the street name of the "new house"? I will never forget one night I was sleeping over with Allyn. We had just finished performing a dance number for Bruce and Marsha. Ashlyn peaked in to say goodnight. Both Ashlyn and Allyn said "I love you" to each other. We were 11,12 13 years old! I remember thinking how storybook that was. I have never forgotten that. I do remember her smile.
Submitted by Brooke Helt Meyhofer

My sister Tanya and I had so much fun working with the Dyer sisters at the Beehive; it's rare to see such an easy and strong family bond and girls who just get along and share so much laughter together! Ashlyn brought joy to everyone she was around. Seeing her in a cat costume for beach volleyball: whiskers, ears, tails and all made me laugh! But it was her voice, sparkly eyes, and lovely giggle that are forever imprinted in my mind. What a beauty! Inside and out. The world's a better place for having had her in it; she will be sorely missed. My heart is with her wonderful family.
Submitted by Paula Thorrington

Ashlyn, I never had the pleasure of knowing you, but as a 28 year-old female runner who lives in the Presidio, I was immediately and deeply touched by your story. Over the last few weeks I have thought of you often and searched the web each day in hopes of reading a story about your recovery. During this time, I read about a woman who I know was very special -- a true genuine spirit who lived life to the fullest. In your memory I will continue to support Neurological Research and encourage others to do so as well. And each time I run I will say a special prayer for your and your family and friends.
Submitted by Anonymous

I remember when Ash was running the LA Marathon in college, and I got a list of marathon tips from my dad, an avid runner, to give to her. Our favorite one was "Think of it as a 15 mile warm up, and an 11 mile race". Everytime we saw each other, we constantly repeated this phrase, as its simplified look at such an arduous task resulted in endless giggles. Ash, I guess you are done with the warm up, and I'll see you up at the start of the race.
Submitted by Dustin

"Never take pictures of sunsets; they never do it justice" ~ Ashlyn
Submitted by mbaltay

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