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Statement By the Dyer Family

March 12, 2007

One year after her death, the family of 27-year-old Ashlyn Dyer, who was hit and left to die while she jogged in the Presidio, publicly announced a plea for the driver to come forward.

Dyer's family released the following statement Monday:

"The authorities have shown us all the evidence. Sadly, we now believe that there would not have been any hope of saving Ashlyn, even if she had immediately been taken to the hospital. We now see that this may have been an unfortunate accident -- maybe the driver didn't even know he struck her at first. Maybe he is afraid and does not want to come forward. We'd like to hear his side of the story.

We're willing to listen and forgive what could have been an unfortunate mistake. We know Ashlyn willingly took a risk running out there at that time of day -- she was a fanatic when it came to jogging. We'd like to bring a resolution to this -- for our family and for the driver. We know he's probably stressed and suffering as well.

Ideally, wed like to meet with him, so that we can sit together, and talk about what happened, and move forward. Were asking the driver to just do this for us.

In addition to this announcement, The Federal Bureau of Investigation on Wednesday, March 13, 2007, added another $50,000 to the reward fund for anybody who provides information leading to the prosecution of the driver who hit Ashlyn in the Presidio last March. Along with money from the city, the Presidio Trust and the Ashlyn Dyer Foundation, the reward money now stands at $100,000.

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