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Ashlyn's Birthday
Today is Ashlyn's 34th birthday and what better way to celebrate with the Ashlyn Dyer Pool Dedication tomorrow at Barrow! We are so excited and so proud that something positive has come out of this tragedy. Raise your glass and toast our girl. All of you have made this happen! "good times, good people, perseverance and sacrifice"- Love to all of you! The Dyer's
Aquatic Center Update
We are so excited that September 25 was the first day the Aquatic Center was used by three patients at Barrow. It's been a journey and all of you have been a huge help! Toast Ashlyn and all of you!
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On March 2, 2006, Ashlyn Dyer was the victim of a hit and run accident while running through the Presidio
in San Francisco. Tragically, Ashlyn passed away 10 days later as a result of her severe Traumatic Brain Injury.

Over 50,000 people die from Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) each year, and another 5.3 million Americans are
living with disabilities from TBI. We became painfully aware of the reality of TBI during Ashlyn’s accident,
and the devastating effects in can have. We learned that only a handful of hospitals across the country have
adequate resources to treat TBI and research funding are limited.

An avid marathoner, Ashlyn Dyer’s drive and love of life inspired those close to her to found the
Ashlyn Dyer Foundation. Like most Americans, we were unaware of the devastating personal and financial
impact of TBI. By supporting the Ashlyn Dyer Foundation, you can help raise the awareness of TBI,
increase TBI funding, improve access to TBI care.